Don't Search For Nude Pictures if You Don't Want to See Nude Pictures

Jun 10, 2009 • 8:38 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Some times I have to point out the most ridiculous threads in the forums. This morning I spotted a thread at Google Web Search Help where a person was complaining that searching in Google Images for the search phrase [nude women] returned some images of (now hold on to your chair now....) nude women!

The individual wrote:

Please take nude & half dressed women off your images if you type in a name for a women alot of half dressed women come up & young kids do not need to see this kind of stuff. if you are looking for a type of bra alot of bad stuff comes up. i did not think google would have this kind of stuff on there website.

What type of search engine would Google be if it did not return images that were related to your search query? If you don't want your children searching Google for nude women, then you should get a good internet filter. Also, Google does a pretty good job filtering out nude women, even for a search of nude women, when the safe filter is set to its highest level.

Sorry for the rant, I am low on sleep.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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06/10/2009 02:52 pm

Gosh, some people are never happy!


06/10/2009 09:25 pm

So you have to ask why they are searching for 'nude women' if they do not want nude women to come up haha.. I agree I think if people are so worried about what they will see or what their kids will see online they should get an internet filter or monitor internet use. Of course they will bitch and bitch about it trying to get more and more strict internet laws passed.

Rich Pasco

06/10/2009 10:40 pm

To be fair, the quoted individual didn't say the search phrase was "nude women" but rather a woman's name. And yes, this is true: If you enter any woman's name (e.g. "Barbara") with SafeSearch turned off, then some of the photos will be undressed. Doesn't bother me, but for those it does bother, I say turn SafeSearch on! (That's what it's there for.)

No Name

06/11/2009 06:56 am

Agree the saying by Rich. if people do know what they want,yes,google should do the next things greatly after the search. but still people don't want something that annoying you come up occasionally after makeing a search,,which should be google's responsibility indeed.

Simone Icough

06/16/2009 09:09 pm

Some people really get on my goat, these are the same people who write in and complain when there is something on the TV they don't like - well TURN OVER THEN! ;)


01/06/2010 12:46 am

better yet re the advice about turning away from the television. Maybe it's t.v. that has addled their brains. Wonder if they considered that.

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