70% Of Our Readers Like Bing

Jun 9, 2009 • 8:58 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

I Like Bing ResultsWhen Bing launched a bit over a week ago, we asked our readers via an anonymous poll if they like the new Microsoft search engine.

To my surprise, 70% of the responses said they like the new search engine.

Keep in mind, the index is mostly the same, but the search interface is the major difference, from what I understand. Interface is huge and clearly plays a major roll in relevancy.

Here is the break down of the 120 responses, where I asked, "Do You Like Bing's Search Results?"

:: Yes said 83 respondents or 69% :: No said 29 respondents or 24% :: Other... said 8 respondents or 7%

Here are the other answers:

  • they're okay i guess
  • Does it matter? People won't switch.
  • Relevancy of sites returned is still hinky. but there are interesting feautures
  • Where's the Sarcastic 'yes' option?
  • Generally good, local crap
  • It's really the same, nothing new.
  • No different than LiveSearch results
  • It's OK but not enough to switch

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06/09/2009 04:58 pm

Are they still using the back end of live/msn or did they write a completely new algo for this engine?

Michael Martinez

06/09/2009 08:13 pm

There is a HUGE difference between BING and Google. BING isn't supporting the AdSense industry so we finally have a search engine that emphasizes RELEVANCE first. Woohoo! But don't just take my word for it. See for yourself: http://blindsearch.fejus.com/ Use queries you're not intimately familiar with.

Servizi Fotografici

06/10/2009 09:44 pm

Bing might steal some market from google at this initial stage. But in the long term it will lose all, and even more if MS does not add something really innovative.


06/13/2009 02:35 am

to the person who said, "Does it matter? People won't switch." Yes, for perhaps a small minority of us, it does matter. And, yes, I did switch to Bing. Not everyone is a Google fanboy or fangirl.


08/08/2009 12:50 pm

I tried Bing.....thought it was stupid just like Live Search. I'm a computer tech and back microsoft products (even with all it's flaws) but I feel like MS is just trying to cram "Bing" down my throat with TV ads and web ads. I've tried both while searching for tech resolutions and drivers and Google always does better, and quiicker. Maybe it depends on the searches? Google does better on price comparisoms in my book also.


08/16/2009 02:26 pm

How long does Bing retain personal search data? Reference news on Google retaining personal data forever, while other engines were like 90 days..


08/16/2009 02:32 pm

Considering our shift to "Big Brother" Government - How long does Bing store our personal search data ? Reference the recent news item about Google keeping this data long term - while other search engines kept these for, I believe, 90 days..

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