Bring Back iGoogle's Tabs

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A Google Web Search Help thread tells us how to change the iGoogle layout from the new tabs along the left-side of the page to the old style of tabs across the top of the page.

To bring back the old top tabs, just go to In the past, bring up the old top tabs worked by going to but now is how to get there.

Here is a picture of the old tabs:

iGoogle Tabs

Here is a picture of the new tabs:

iGoogle Tabs

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Adam Snider

06/09/2009 07:06 pm

Thanks for sharing this, Barry. I hate the new sidebar thing on iGoogle. I much prefer the tabs.


07/16/2009 03:36 pm

You are a life saver I hate the new tabs I started useing the UK link when the started the new lay out in the us last year. I love google but do not know why they will not give people an option on this.

Davd Rubin

11/01/2009 08:13 pm

If you use firefox, you can reclaim the lost screen real estate by using an addon that I wrote. It also can be used to reduce the size of the header as well. I hope you like it.


11/18/2009 02:45 pm

Does not work anymore :(


11/18/2009 09:04 pm

As of today (November 18 2009) it Google terminated the workaround, yet again! I've had enough of Google enforcing the new tab layout change upon us. Why not have a poll on the iGoogle page so that People could vote about it? Or atleast make the new layout to be an option for whom ever wants that? I sure as heck don't like the new side tabs bar! Every time I open up my firefox I get annoyed over the new side tabs! It takes up too much space and always makes my eyes to look at that part of the site.. It's annoying! Please Google, make the new side tabs an OPTIONAL feature and not an forced upon feature! If there will be no change to this side bar shit! I'm moving to use bing or something else entirely!


11/19/2009 01:54 am

I agree with Henrik. Maybe it's time to dump igoogle and move on.


11/20/2009 05:59 am

Go here and vote for collapsable left tabs!!!

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