Bing Hijacks IE6 Toolbar Search, Google Users Upset

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There are several reports at Google Custom Search Help and Google Web Search Help with searchers who use Internet Explorer version 6 on their PC and are claiming that Bing has hijacked the search feature in the toolbar.

Several users are claiming that since Bing was launched, even though Google was their default search provider in IE, Bing has taken control. Even worse, when they try to change it back from Bing to Google, it does not work.

Here is one post:

Had Google set as my default browser. woke up this morning to discover that BING had hijacked this feature. cant change it via: search/customize on the IE tool bar. all I get is a windows live page saying Ooops.

There is no official explanation from either Microsoft or Google, as of yet. Matt Cutts of Google did tweet about the issue. A Microsoft individual did tweet back saying the "folks have escalated your concerns."

Forum discussion at Google Custom Search Help and Google Web Search Help.

Update: We have a statement from Microsoft on this issue:

We're aware of the issue with IE6 and Bing and are investigating a solution. This issue is not impacting IE7 or IE8 users. We respect user choice on search providers in IE and all browsers, and designed IE to enable that choice. We will provide an update soon on this issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience it has caused. In the meantime, we encourage customers to upgrade to IE8 here. Alternatively, Firefox users can install the add-in for Bing here.

Update: Microsoft emailed me again at 2:45am on June 3, 2009 to inform me the issue is now resolved with IE6. The issue was server side, so the fix was able to be pushed out remotely to all infected browsers.

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09/26/2009 03:35 pm

I'm having the same problem with IE-8. Can't set Google as default search engine. It stays a Bing which I do not want. Any suggestions


10/09/2009 05:18 am

<rant> The low-tech community is corrupting the high-tech community: end of story. A bunch of low-rent idiots that can't figure out how to use Windows have attributed their stupidity to the organization responsible for the entity that seems to make this stupidity surface, which has caused them to "rebel" against everything Microsoft. The act is very predictable, and not very different from that of a teenaged male/female. The high-tech world is all about standards; if you can't keep up, keep out. Leave the high-tech stuff to us high-tech individuals. However, I do have to agree with the "...don't knock it until your users do..." motto for those it applies to, as your job is all about your users, not YOU. Maybe some of you complainers should actually try programming in C or C++ before you start peeing your pants, stamping your feet and blaming Microsoft, the company responsible for the little standardization we DO have. Without standardization in the high-tech world, we have nothing. It's the incompetent people who are ruining this. Don't be the idiot lady at McDonald's who burnt herself and sued McDonald's. Follow the standards. Keep up. Just shut up and download IE8; we programmers have enough to worry about without having to fool around with your gay little Google toolbar on some legacy version if IE. </rant>


10/09/2009 05:26 am

Bottom line: you're all just too technologically illiterate to figure it out. How surprising you blame Microsoft immediately. Piece of advice: Start reading on how a computer works instead of draining your scarce brain cells on bitching about why it doesn't work. The internal workings of a computer are not magic. To the "zomg itsavirusgetitaway" moron: If you go by that definition, Norton/Mcafee/etc. are all the biggest viruses known to the electronic world. Apparently, people are so mentally challenged nowadays that the very line between a virus and a bug is blurred, merging the two boundaries. Way to be, users. Way to be.


10/12/2009 05:32 am

this comment is for nate--we are not morons just because we don't want bing on our pc's.the only idiot is you for not paying attention to what everyone is saying.i don't want it on my pc because the last time i checked i was living in america and i am guaranteed the freedom of doesn't give you that.


11/05/2009 04:46 am

It started affecting my IE7 tonight. Got around it by going to tools/internet options/security/restricted sites. I inserted and as restricted sites. Bing sucks


11/11/2009 01:49 pm

Nate & George - How about one of you two "highly computer literate" gentlemen telling us illiterates how to get rid of Bing since you are so smart. Microsoft if doing nothing to help us.


11/13/2009 05:37 am

I'm using Windows 7 and IE 8 and I had Google as my default search engine and it's changed to Bing, I then click on "Find more providers" and only Bing is there. To be honest though I couldn't care less. I use Firefox and Chrome and google as my search engine.


11/30/2009 02:20 am

The basic point is that no one likes to have their computer hijacked without permission. I don't want to use Bing and resent having it forced on me. Back off MS!


12/04/2009 09:50 pm

I suggest everyone who has an issue with this, regardless of which version of Internet Explorer you are using, report Microsoft to your local Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau or equivalent. Not only will they get fined, yet again, but they will be made to do something about it.


12/08/2009 04:26 pm

I agree with the low-tech or no-tech community corrupting the high-tech community. Users panic for no reason whatsoever so often it is now commonplace and often for non-production reasons. I don't allow my users to use IE on the Internet, unless it's absolutely necessary, i.e. poorly designed web site. Network security is not a task, it's a philosophy. The low-tech community will never figure this out because to them, it should be free, accessible via one-click and interpret what the want regardless of the action they invoke. Educate yourself. It's a tool you use everyday. I'm surprised some of these people can find their way to work and back home. I often wonder how many of them still get lost in either one direction or the other, or both. Stay off facebook, youtube, msn, yahoo, hotmail, gambling sites, and porn sites and get your work done. Most users would be infected less and suffer less from issues if they'd just concentrate on work rather than doing everything they can to avoid working. Just because your computer is capable doesn't mean you should use it to do ___________. Your car can be a lethal weapon and you're equipped to be a prostitute, but it doesn't mean you should do it. When did it become fashionable to cease using common sense, acting responsible and taking responsibility for your own actions? What are you doing all day that requires you to constantly hit the search engines? IE is tied to the OS. There is no 100% security on a computer. Browser manufacturers compete with one another. Man is not perfect. The world runs on greed. You're a pawn in the Internet world. Quit bitching about something you get for free. You get what you pay for and if not, then you can bitch and ask for a refund. Until then, please, STFU! There are plenty of free browsers out there. If one doesn't work for you, use another. To date, I have not experienced IE hijacking Google as a search engine. I must be doing something wrong, like doing my job.

V Christine

12/12/2009 10:56 pm

I GOT RID OF BING! It was easy. First i tried everything I read online and it did not work, because this pernicious little program refused to delete. That's exactly why I don't care how wonderful it may be, i don't want to be FORCED to have a particular search engine any more than I want to be FORCED to purchase health insurance... (Fixed the former, still working on the latter problem..) OK to return your browser to GOOGLE, just open up Firefox and go to the TOOLS section on the address bar. Go to OPTIONS in the Pull Down BOX. You will see the box entitled HOME PAGE with the WRONG search engines title in there. NOW as an EXTRA precaution BEFORE you do any deleting, block in the address and COPY it, so that if you do not get the desired results you can restore the search engine you are using. NOW to to the HOME PAGE BOX and DELETE the contents. Then type in: That will put you back to GOOGLE search page as soon as you re-open it! BINGONE!


02/18/2010 03:11 pm

I can reset my home browser, no problem. What I WANT is to remove the Bing toolbar--I don't want it, and it takes up space. No one seems to have a straightforward answer. For the technobrats sneering at those of us who don't know C++, don't be silly. I've spent years of my life learning what I need to know for my career--that would be three graduate degrees' worth--should I insist that you learn what I know rather than answering your questions? I've learned my particular skills so YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Now, can anyone who actually knows tell me how to remove the Bing toolbar from Firefox? I don't want philosophical answers, or stab-in-the-dark answers, or rants. Just please TELL ME.


04/08/2010 11:45 pm

I am having this problem right now and i ain't using IE6. Running Vista64 and this bing toolbar/search thingy is really annoying. I've tried all the suggestions i can find on the internet and it is still there. controlpanel,add/remove programs "it is not listed". Only thing i am allowed to do with it is disable its automatic suggestions for what i type. possible to sue Microsoft? this sure fells like an internet crime. forcing this shit on me and i dont want it.


04/13/2010 06:52 pm

I'm having the oppsite problem. Google has hijack my browser (IE7). When I open a new tab, I get a page for "Google Custom Search". When I change my settings to open home page for new tab it still opens Google. My search box says it is using Live search but is actually Google. I hate Google and want to get rid of it. I was able to get my search box back to Bing, but new tabs are still Google (I'll never enter anything in the Google box, but I hate seeing it all the time)


04/14/2010 03:24 pm

Terrella thinks that if you get it for free you should just take it. With that thought - there is a free sexual organ out there with the aids virus that he/she should just take because it is free. Don't be that stupid.

Robbins Mitchell

04/15/2010 11:52 pm

I have used Firefox for several years now...don't use IE at all..and when I sign into my Earthlink email,it goes to the inbox and then is immediately redirected to the Bing search page with a long string of numbers afterwards...I didn't even know Bing existed before this...I sure as heck didn't download it...I was just surfing along and then all of sudden it was installed and hijacking my email page...I thought this was supposed to be a problem unique to IE browsers...but if it can hijack my Earthlink email using Firefox,then is anybody safe any more?...I've tried everything and nothing works....I'm having to use another email address and don't have a clue what to do...if anybody knows how to kill this thing,please contact me at this email


05/25/2010 02:55 am

IE8 inspite of what the pundits say is like a carthorse compared to IE6. Until microsoft resolves the abysmal response search times it's out for me. And as for the BING issue it's a disgrace and an infringement of personal rights!! Get it sorted Microsoft - I'm staying with IE6 as it's so more reliable.


05/26/2010 11:20 pm

maybe it's a virus by somebody else, trying to get people to hate bing or for some other reason; you never know

Terrance O'Toole

06/03/2010 02:08 pm

Ever since BING took over my computer I've not been going online as much. I don't like the way it functions. stupid, whoever added this on.


06/22/2010 10:49 am

So, where do I find a fix so I can get RID of the Bing toolbar completely? And which "update" installed it in the first place so I can remove it, too?


06/22/2010 11:00 am

I found a post elsewhere on how to remove the toolbar: on your browser's menu, click TOOLS, then click ADD-ONS; find the BING browser (it might be called BONG or something similar). Click on it and then click the UNINSTALL button, then restart your browser. Presto: the toolbar is gone. YAY


07/28/2010 02:15 am

I use IE8 and Bing! hijacked my browser and I'm having the exact same problems, have to enter most addresses twice because I get the "oops" page the first time.


08/10/2010 11:32 pm

Well for all of you turds that say SWITCH TO FIREFOX...WRONG ASS WIPES. I HAVE THE BING BULLSHIT TOOL BAR ON FIREFOX TOO. SO NOW WHAT? All you guys are doing is talking in circles. I have read and read and read... and I have been a tech for over 20 years and I have yet to see a real answer to the problem. it's all bullshit, nothing works ... and I mean nothing. the ass holes at bing swear there are no BING search bar... BULLSHIT AGAIN!!!! I am not blind or crazy just fuck'n pissed off. I have a damn Bing TOOL BAR on Fire Fox. And any ass hole that wants a fuck'n screen shot... let me know where you want it and I'll be glad to kick it up your ass till you choke on it. FUCK MICROSOFT IN THE MOUTH. I'm glad I have a Linux machine here so I'm not a damn Microsoft groupie. If you really want to fix the problem use Linux. short of that Tuff Shit. Oh and by the way If anyone does have a real fix for fire fox let me kno. Fuck IE anything I hate IE and never use it anyway so BING and IE and go fuck each other till they puke. And Bill Gates can suck my Irish Cock... Thanks for all your dribble on the matter... As none of it really works, period! mo

Victor Murray

11/22/2010 06:52 am

I didn't ask for Bing to intrude on my website. I use Google, period! If I want something, I'll seek it. Even if Bing proved to be superior to Google, I wouldn't accept it now, as I don't like UNWELCOME INTRUSIONS on my computer!!!!! Please STAY OFF!

V. E. Murray

11/22/2010 06:55 am

Bing, please stay off of my computer!!!!

Pete's Sake

01/16/2011 02:56 am

Bing did the same thing for me, and I don't want it there. It will not let me remove it. I do not have the option to manage my add-ons- I don't know why not. Peace IE, this is bull. Hello Google Chrome.


01/24/2011 03:03 pm

It made me use Firefox in lieu of IE.

joe s

01/29/2011 04:52 pm

will this work on an apple?


02/05/2011 08:08 pm

Bing hijacked my Firefox 3.6.13 also! Can NOT get rid of annoying Bing!


02/13/2011 07:44 pm

I have IE8 and mine has been highjacked. How do I get google back?


02/28/2011 03:49 am

Did you every fix the bing issue!


03/02/2011 04:33 pm

My husband uses google chrome and this was how he solved his problem with bing and changed his search engine back to google. click SETTINGS; then click OPTIONS; under the BASICS tab - there is Home Page - click "Open this page" then enter: i hope this will help. it worked for him.


03/11/2011 12:18 am

shove google and bing, the only real way to search is with startpage. google is nothing but a self consuming radar for the feds and they can all shove it ... yours truly, charlie sheen...


03/11/2011 12:23 am

I don't have any problems except for Google, Facebook, Bing and all the rest of this bullshit there pushing...


04/17/2011 01:50 am

Bing clouded my screen and had some very nasty stuff and $250. later I'm getting no answers to my how do you and why did you without asking or informing.


05/18/2011 11:46 pm

 Just happened to me ... wtf ... what update changed this?  I've spent all day reading with no solutions!


06/03/2011 01:10 pm

I have the opposite problem. I have selected Bing , but Firefox puts only Google on the start page. Now I think I'll take Charlie's advice and switch to Startpage.


06/13/2011 02:46 pm



06/13/2011 02:48 pm



06/17/2011 11:03 pm

I am pissed off at this shit. I dont want anyone updating my fucking computer and changing it without my permission. I didnt ask for this shit to get on my computer so why the fuck is it there?


07/06/2011 09:06 pm

I know this is an old post, but the Update listed is bull.  Microsoft continually hijacks the search engine provider on it's websites and when Microsoft updates get applied.  I guess they are looking for another Anti-trust lawsuit....get on them Google!


07/18/2011 09:47 pm

whats the difference between google and google chrome ? they are trying ti pull some shit

Carson Jamieson

07/21/2011 05:13 am

So now what, I want my computer back!

calvin mc craw

07/26/2011 12:57 am



08/22/2011 10:43 pm

yeah, pisses me off! There's no google to choose, just random bollocks


08/29/2011 01:05 am

This is bull s It just took over my tool bar  How do I get it off????


08/29/2011 01:23 am

Well if you can get this shit off here more power to ya fuck this I'm going to go take my laptop to bing head quarters and throw the mother fucker thru the window then I'm going to the nearest Apple store and buying a I mac or anthing other then having microsoft bullshit fuck this royally


09/07/2011 04:38 am

Microsoft is an immoral scammer! How are their malware infections differnet from any other scam artist?   


11/17/2011 04:20 pm

Fucking shitheads and their peace of trash bing. Asshols it suck and you fucking cant make someone to use it even by force (you suck)


12/06/2011 01:38 pm

Hi there Can someone explain to me why bing took over my google search ? I haven't asked for it,I did not give permission for it,so,how dare to touch my settings. I do not like Bing!! Now,I just spend two hours trying to restore it without success and looks like I have to lose a day of work tomorrow to go to the apple store to see if they can help,rrrrrrrrrrr I'm very annoyed!! Ok you can say I'm dam but I can't do it!! BING PISS OFF!,!!! This fricken Bing not even have a email adress For support!


01/26/2012 11:26 pm

Now Google has done the same thing to my search home page and I can't get it off. How is it legal that a company like Google can do this and how do I get my home page back?


02/01/2012 07:24 am

I  am not that computer literate. I am fifty years old and this is my first computer. Why can't I  keep the original settings that yhe computer came with? i=I L=like the google toolbar, is bing that good or have they just figured out how to take advantage of the uninformed such as myself


02/15/2013 04:25 pm

I just had this happen January 2013. I don't want bing

stephen harris

03/17/2013 06:57 am

Finally found the solution on another forum: 1. Click on Google Customize Bar on top right represented by 3 horizontal lines and select "Settings." 2. Click on blue highlighted 'Set Pages' in "On Start Up." 3. Move cursor so that it highlights 'Conduit." Delete 'Conduit' and enter Google, or web page of choice. 4. Go down to 4th option in Settings, which is "Search." Select Google or browser of choice. Lastly, click the "Manage search engines" box to the right. Delete 'Conduit' from the list.

L. Ray

06/14/2013 11:22 am

This Bing thing has totally corrupted my system by allowing cookies, spam and ads to flood my computer. After slowing my searches to a crawl I've got ads upon ads suggesting new security, new speed up, danger warnings, freeze ups, etc. The more I try to eliminate all the junk the more unresponsive it gets. My problems began when we moved to ATT recently, and it is the poorest service I've ever had..hands down. How I wish I had stayed with Insight Cable Systems. Instead I'm totally stuck with a 24 month contract! I am not very computer literate but I can sometimes manage a few reasonable challenges, All this recent mess has me stumped! I'm thinking it isn't a virus...(.I can hardly finish this for the pop-ups and cookies.) I can't help but wonder at the coincidence of malware invasions at the same time ATT and Bling showed up. Right now I've got the constant reminding flag that says my computer files are not backed up though I pay an annual charge for just this sneaky system has added about three more 'free' security systems which I finally managed to delete to the trash bin. I simply cannot afford to finance Geek squad's operating budget for a day nor do I desire to set by a phone and try to understand an off-shore pigeon-english speaking operator try to run me through an impossible set of non-understandable instructions! I need someone preferable American, to work this out reasonably, on site in my home, without any input from me. Do Technical colleges like Ivy Tech ever allow gifted students an opportunity to go into the field?....and how would I make contact? L. Ray


08/29/2013 06:30 pm

I see this problem has quite a legacy! I'm in the 3 to 6 months time frame with this problem. Bing reset my tool bars etc and appearently my home page. I can reset my home page where I want it but the down load for Bing sits in the search window and is always lurking in the background somewhere. I just found this blog so I haven't tried any of the "fixes" yet. I won't rant at this time but I definately agree with the more verbose of complaints. I've had viruses more friendly than Bing. Am I correct that Bing is a Microsoft creation?


11/30/2013 12:13 am

I hear you, now I have the same problem glued to my screen, like pin in the neck and makes me very nervous when I see it, I wished I had simple way to kick this bing off of my screen and never see this bugger again, because I tried many ways and I still have this thing

Anna Otaku

02/14/2014 07:34 pm

yeah they can add fire fox to the list. every time i try to update what needs to be updated for fire fox i lose google and get stupid bing. i have to go to a reset point to get it off or i wined up with no internet at all.

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