Google May 2009 Toolbar PageRank Update

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Starting yesterday afternoon, people began noticing the little green pixels in the Google Toolbar began updating. Yes, there was a Google Toolbar PageRank update last night and many of the forums are buzzing about it.

Yes, a Toolbar PageRank update means nothing in terms of your ranking changing anytime soon. The PageRank scores shown in the toolbar are outdated and have zero direct impact on your Google rankings. That doesn't mean that PageRank has no influence, but the toolbar score does not have any influence. Google shows us one thing, but yet uses another thing.

The last possible PageRank update was in early April 2009, so it has been just about two months since the last update. Typically Google updates the PageRank value in the Toolbar every few months or so. So this update does seem more recent then updates in the recent past.

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05/29/2009 06:02 am

This seems google PR updated will go 4 times this year. last updated was made on march. Most possible PR will changed at starting of june

No Name

05/29/2009 06:12 am

Yes it' s good update for me. my site page rank jump 2 to 3. but I think it's miner update. major page rank update may be July last.

No Name

05/29/2009 07:37 am

yes your right ! google did update it page rank last night as I found my one month old blog has got a pr 1. I was so happy to see my blog getting pr so soon. And thanks for confirming the information.

Rob Abdul

05/29/2009 08:30 am

"SEO Servies India", I think you're right. My rank has gone form 2 to 3. I also agree with this statement "a Toolbar PageRank update means nothing in terms of your ranking changing anytime soon". - Well said. July is going to be a big one, hand on to your seat kids!


05/29/2009 05:31 pm

Well, desite all of the great SEO techniques and link building I did, my home page rank went from 3 to 2 but what matters most is each of my 3 keyword jumped from Google Page 12 and beyond to Page 1!

George Serradinho

06/01/2009 05:22 am

My site went from PR 3 to 4 and I'm excited. I thought I might have dropped from being hacked a few days ago, but I see it did not influence my ranking.


06/01/2009 01:30 pm

Yes, I agree that Google pr is updated. But this is the most frequent pr update.

Binh Nguyen

06/01/2009 04:24 pm

What I noticed is one of my site jumped from 0 to 2. Few more sites from N/A. Funny thing I also noticed one of my site appearing for a query then the next query it disappeared mysteriously. Then a few minute later it come back, then disappear again. That's so called "dancing". Sad thing my blog didn't jump to PR4 as I dreamed. And the PR4 one didn't jump to PR5. It's all just the same. What other big thing I notice is that the SEO Tools are not working at all. Cheers to everyone who got a PR upgrade.

No Name

06/05/2009 05:59 pm

@No Name: what do you mean if you say that it is a minor update? What is the difference between a minor and a major update? Did not all websites get an update?

Ned Carey

06/10/2009 02:52 am

I just noticed today that my blog had gone back up to a three after dropping to a two at the last update.


06/14/2009 12:06 pm

Google pagerank update use to be every 3 months or so but now any day can happen except a major update.To be honest pagerank is useless google try to monopolize the internet and controlling the websites with his stupid pagerank


06/17/2009 12:48 pm

Can anyone confirm if there was any PR update this month? I noticed my backlinks reduced so something was changed...

No Name

07/28/2009 08:13 am

I somehow didn't notice the update.


07/31/2009 04:07 am

me neither....btw whens the next update?


08/02/2009 05:41 pm

The last 2009 pagerank update was in beginning of june so we might have to wait to september for an update. And maybe its just within 14 days. Dont pay to much attention to the Pagerank if you are getting the right attention. A success is only relying on great content - remember we got to stick out from the rest of them


08/15/2009 06:39 am

I am waiting for the update as I launched my new site last month. I am working hard on the backlinks now :) Regards, Ronald

No Name

08/19/2009 06:57 pm

Ahoy, This Page Rank stuff is confusing. I was wondering why my rank is only a 1, when I have so many more links now than many of my friends sites and they have a rank of 2's or 3's. Thanks for the information.

No Name

08/23/2009 10:12 pm

I think a new update is starting today.

Erik Ehresman

09/16/2009 08:36 pm

What I don't understand is if toolbar page rank isn't accurate or maybe just not current then why do certain online companies and websites use that as the measuring stick for business opportunities with your website? Is there a more accurate way to find out your current Google pagerank?


09/25/2009 12:27 pm

Hi Guys, this is a time of PR update and it is expected that PR is updated in last week of September - 2009. Hope it will bring good news to website owners & webmasters.....


10/15/2009 03:32 pm

my site had a page rank of 5 and now its down to 2 why did this happen?

No Name

10/17/2009 02:56 am

What was the logic of them removing this? This was a great tool to check out other sites.

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