Google AdSense Webinar on Getting Paid Scheduled for Tomorrow

May 20, 2009 • 8:43 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

Google has been holding webinars for both new and expert AdSense publishers. The next webinar is tomorrow, Thursday, at 6.30 pm PDT. It is on the topic of getting paid.

The topic is named "Understanding the payment cycle" and is described as:

De-mystifying the AdSense payments system. Learn about the various payment options and understand the payment cycle.

One of the most discussed topics in the various AdSense forums are about payments, so a webinar devoted to payment topics, makes a lot of sense.

Keep in mind, Google caps the attendance to 500 people. So go register for the event now and don't forget to be there.

AdSense experts will be on hand to answer questions submitted from the audience.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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05/20/2009 01:13 pm

The last Adsense seminar I saw was so basic it was cringeworthy - I coudnt watch it. "And this is a website. And this is an advert..."


05/20/2009 02:04 pm

very useful information. thank u a lot..


11/02/2009 08:17 pm

My wife, who has years of experience working in the banking industry, has MANAGED multiple states, and confiscates FAKE "checks" EVERYDAY ran the "bank" numbers from the "checks". I too WANTED to believe, but having an invaluable resource (my wife) I first asked her. IMMEDIATELY upon looking at the check without hesitation she said it was FAKE! I asked her to run the "numbers" from the check(s) (ALSO another CLUE, as she has informed me, that EVERY check would have the same "bank" numbers, however ALL of the checks have different numbers) My spouse took the "account" numbers to work and IMMEDIATELY ALL the "checks" came back as FAKE. YOU ARE LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE!!! The law will NOT accept IGNORANCE as my wife has attested and shared with me MANY stories of regular people just trying to get by, having ben ARRESTED ON THE SPOT! I am NOT telling you to take MY word for it, or that of my spouse, however for YOUR OWN SAKE, I suggest taking the numbers at the bottom of the "check" from ANY picture (stating you will will make vast $$$) to your local bank. The BANK WILL TELL YOU if the "account" is REAL or FAKE. My wife says 99.99999% of all these "checks" are fake as she SEES and CONFISCATES these "checks" EVERYDAY. If you are lucky, you may get away, if you are NOT then YOU WILL BE CHARGED WITH A FELONY!!! BEWARE the "people" CLAIMING to be making vast sums of $$$$$ as these "people" ARE PART OF THE SCAM! IT is a VERY elaberate, convincing SCAM, after all, GOOGLE IS TRUSTWORTHY, BUT THESE SCAMMERS ARE NOT PART OF GOOGLE!!!! You have the power to find out the TRUTH, YOU need only to call your BANK with the account AND routing numbers from the check. I have seen MANY FANTASTIC endorsements for doing this, however only the positive reviews are on THESE sites. I have attempted to spread the TRUTH to many, only to be told my COMMENTS were "inappropriate". THIS SCAM EVEN HAS TECH SUPPORT!!! Be strong and guide those without the knowledge to guide themselves

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