Google Updates Backlink Data in New Webmaster Tools

May 18, 2009 • 1:38 pm | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

On Thursday we reported that the backlink data was out of sync in the redesigned webmaster tools. Well, over the weekend, that was fixed.

Googler, Jonathan Simon said in a Google Webmasters Help thread that it is now up to date. Jonathan said:

Check out your site's backlinks data in the new version of Webmaster Tools. We've just finished the process of loading the most recent backlinks data so you should now be able to see all your site's backlinks.

The backlinks data between the new and old versions of Webmaster Tools may not match 100% but the new version's data should be more comprehensive for most sites.

Some people are still having issues, so if you are one of those, join the thread and Jonathan or Sagar can help you.

Forum discussion at Google Webmasters Help.

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05/19/2009 01:12 pm

Thanks for giving update

Patrice Albertus

06/23/2009 08:50 am

I hope new version data "should be more comprehensive for most sites", because all of my websites backlinks jumped from 4x to 10x more !

John Shelabarger

07/18/2009 04:10 pm

I'm still seing about 150 less backlinks in the updated GWT. I'm wondering if this is indicative of a problem with the types of links I've acquired in the past. Many of them were from (free!) directories.

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