Will You Use Google's New "Rich Snippets" Markups?

May 13, 2009 • 9:06 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Part of the Google Searchology event announcements from yesterday, Google announced a new way to enhance the search results. This way is called rich snippets and it gives webmasters a way to communicate richer data to Google, so they can display a richer search for the searcher. Yahoo has been doing this with Search Monkey for a months now, on some level. But Google is Google and this is much bigger.

Google will look for markups in your HTML in the format of either microformats and RDFa and use those markups to determine more structured data about that page's content. There is a lot of technical detail available at Google and it can be used on content for reviews, people, products and businesses and organizations.

There are some pros and cons to this feature on the SEO front and searcher front. Pros are that you can add more flavor to your listing and get more visibility. Cons include that richer data might mean less clicks or that competitors can more easily scrape your content. The lists goes on and you can read the pros and cons discussion at WebmasterWorld. That being said, I think I will personally use this new rich snippet feature on this site eventually and for clients as well. Will you?

Take our poll on if you will use this new feature:

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Gerry White

05/13/2009 03:11 pm

is Google really just automating data for its Google Squared thing to be able to better process the information, and of course NOT send traffic to your site ?


05/13/2009 03:20 pm

I'll use it, but partially. Per example, I won't be marking reviews, but the aggregated data for all the reviews. I'm not happy doing it so easy for scrapers, but for me it's OK if it's only a general idea what they can get. I'm thinking on using for local bussines, but still not sure.


05/14/2009 05:00 pm

To me it just seems like Google is trying to take the click through away from our listings. As time progresses the rich snippets will just get richer reducing the need to click. Plus a searcher will now be able to just skim the search results and see the results of all ten sites reviews without actually visiting them. From a user stand point this could be great but from a webmasters view it is awful.

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