Lack of Google AdWords Coupons Causing Lower AdSense Earnings?

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A WebmasterWorld thread started by moderator martinibuster has been getting a lot of attention over the weekend. MartiniBuster asks other members to come up with theories on why it appears AdSense earnings are lower these days then a year prior.

MartiniBuster's own theory is pretty interesting. In short, he says that there are less AdWords coupons floating around these days, so less people are experimenting with the content network. Let me quote MartiniBuster:

As I recall, there were thousands of dollars worth of AdWords coupons flooding Internet conferences. Those AdSensers who have not attended conferences several years ago won't know what I'm talking about so before you comment on this theory, hear me out.

Every conference I went to there were thousands of dollars worth of coupons available from denominations of $250 on down (as I recall). I think there may have been $500 coupons available, too. There were so many coupons floating around that some people were selling them, exchanging them between themselves, and opening multiple AdWords accounts to take advantage of them.

Could part of the higher payouts have to do with there being less publishers in the system? Is it possible that another contributing factor in those early days of higher ECPM was the flood of AdWords coupons?

Now, there are many other theories for the lower earnings, outside of the world being in a recession. They include:

  • Google needs to take a bigger piece of the AdSense pie
  • Slow down in new fresh to the net ad clicking users.
  • Ad blindness for veteran net surfers.
  • Less MFA has to affect a segment of publishers.
  • Landing page rules turning off some advertisers.
  • AdWords complexity
  • Google dropping the ball on code quality due to lack of competition for too many years leading to data loss that is later artificially unfairly balanced out.
  • More advertiser control positively affecting few and devastating the rest.
  • Google silently taking a bigger portion of publisher's earnings to meet the market expectations.
  • Smarter advertisers
  • Over saturation of content

There are many more ideas and theories being debated in the thread.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/04/2009 08:55 pm

"Google silently taking a bigger portion of publisher's earnings to meet the market expectations." Since they have not disclosed what percentage they take from the earnings to begin with, this sounds to be one very good possibility, that they just grabbed a bigger piece of the pie for themselves. This kind of behavior (ie. not caring about smaller publishers much) is very much a Google like move.


05/05/2009 06:39 am

Interesting post. Considering the magnitude of Adsense (~$6B in revenues per year) I doubt that coupons actually play any significant part in the overall liquidity of the adsense marketplace. We're running many different networks to help publishers optimize their monetization and can certify that almost all of them took a dive since the beginning of the year. I guess 99% of it is due to the economy slowdown (I know this is no big news). The future of advertising is in smart campaign management for publishers. When things get rough webmasters got to get going.

Bernard Dmello

12/18/2012 07:09 pm

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