How To Verify My Google Profile

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Google announced you can now create verified Google Profiles that potentially can show up in the Google web search results. Danny Sullivan has the ultimate guide on how these Google Profiles work. For example here is my profile as displayed in the Google web results:

Google Profile

It can also show up in this format:

Google Profiles in Web Results

To have your profile displayed in the Google web results, you likely need to have a verified listing. How do you verify your profile in Google? It isn't that easy.

Here is a picture of my profile, there are two verifications. (1) The profile itself (aka "verified name") and the (2) email address.

Verify Your Google Profiles

Let's start with verifying the profile (aka the name):

(1) You must go to Google's Knol site and sign in. (2) Then go to your profile settings. (3) Click on the "Name Verification" tab (4) Then choose to verify by phone or via credit card

Verify Google Profile on Knol

If you verify by phone, you enter in your phone number and Google will call it. When you get the call, Google will display a pin code followed by a pound sign on the Knol web site. When prompted, enter in the pin code and pound sign and you should be verified. If you verify by credit card, just enter in your credit card information. Note, Google currently can't verify American Express or Debit cards.

Verifying your email address:

(1) Go to your Google Profile and click "edit profile" (2) Midway through the page it says "Verified domains" and explains:

You can verify email addresses and choose which domains (the part after the @) you'd like to appear on your profile. Your email addresses will not be displayed. This will help visitors to your profile know that you are the real you. Learn more

If your email is already verified, it should read:

You have verified email addresses at the following domains. Check which domains you'd like to appear on your profile. Your email addresses will not be displayed. This will help visitors to your profile know that you are the real you.Learn more

Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and other free email accounts cannot be verified as domains. You need your own domain. You can add a non Gmail alternative to your Google account to verify your email.

That is basically how to get the verification labels on your Google Profile.

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Jaan Kanellis

04/23/2009 11:55 pm

That would be nice if they offered traffic stats from these profile pages if we choose to place them in the SERPs

Ash Nallawalla

04/24/2009 06:31 am

Barry, You broke Google Knol! :) An error has occurred We are experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope you'll try again later.


04/28/2009 11:00 am

Knol doesn't show the Name Verification tab any more.... at least not when I'm logged in.

Barry Schwartz

04/28/2009 11:15 am

Farhad, I see it still. I think it is a US only thing...


07/19/2009 08:31 pm

It looks like the verified domains feature is no longer functioning on google profiles. In the past, when you added a verified domain it appeared on your profile with a checkbox for whether to display it or not. Now, it no longer gives you the checkbox/display option for new domains added. The older domains I'd verified in the past are still visible but I can't get the new ones I've added to show up. If you have recently created a new profile, you'll notice that the verified domains area is completely missing, as is the link to add verified domains, although it can still be accessed directly from here: I haven't been able to find any other reports of this, nor have I been able to figure out how to contact google about it.

Rob Abdul

07/20/2009 12:30 am

I made mine on Saturday 18th July. I was able to verify my domain. Yes it is only a US thing, I realise after creating the account!


07/25/2009 04:31 am

Jesse, I have the exact same problem. A while back, I was able to verify an old email account that I had with, but when I tried to put up a new one, it wouldn't appear as a verified email domain in the upper right hand corner of my profile. I decided to remove the old one to see what would happen, but then I noticed that there was no longer a domain verification indicator on my profile even after I added the email back to my account. Like you said, the "verified domains" area on my profile's "edit" page is gone! Let me no if there any further developments.


08/02/2009 02:03 pm

Jesse and Lorenz: I have the same problem as both of you. I wonder if Google will fix it?


10/13/2009 03:59 am

Uh, I don't know where any of you are getting that you can verify by phone - that is NOT an option. The only options are by Credit Card or by Social Security number. Social Security Number!? To go to HELL, Google.


11/07/2009 01:51 pm

when i am trying to sigin to orkut. it is not entering.reporting problem as your email account is not verified. what should i do now

David Foltz

06/03/2010 08:35 pm

Thanks. This was helpful. The SSN option worked for me. NOTE: There was no phone option on my verification tab and I tried the CC option first but it did not work for me.

shumail alal

06/04/2010 11:39 am

hi i cant verify my profile


09/27/2010 10:19 am

my google account is not verified how do i verify it


09/27/2010 10:20 am

my google account is not verified how do i verify it


10/03/2010 05:27 pm

How can I verify my account!?!?

Tim Quinn

07/22/2011 03:18 pm



09/22/2011 09:19 am

Does not work anymore - you have to be a celebrity now to get your profile confirmed. Official statement from google:


11/25/2011 09:26 am

i can't verify my account


02/15/2012 07:42 pm

 Sorry, i couldn't find out the " Name Verification" tab. Could you please update me regarding this


05/13/2012 01:59 am

I was wondering why I was having trouble! is hard to get snippets for!

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