Finding Similar Images of Danny Sullivan With Google

Apr 21, 2009 • 8:39 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google announced they have a new labs feature that allows you to find similar images using Google Image Search. To do so, go to and give it a try.

I thought I try searching for danny sullivan to find similar images. The first image is this one:

A Very 'Hawt' Danny Sullivan in a BOTW Tank Top, Fun Photo Friday at

Attractive, eh? ;-)

In any event, lets see what Google Images considers similar to this picture of Danny. Clicking on the similar images link shows me these images:

Lauren-Conrad2_1 letterman celebs 2 240308 katevisitsdavidletterman

There are some guys as well.

Here is a video on how this all works:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Jerry Nordstrom

04/21/2009 05:56 pm

It's a very cool feature. But I can't help to think its just a great tool for people to steal and or rework licensed images. Just like Google Earth and street view provide aid to thiefs. RB, I'm hoping it was your handy photoshop skills that put Danny's face on that picture. Did Google hire Sesame Street producers to create their videos?

Barry Schwartz

04/21/2009 06:14 pm

No, that image was not photoshop'd. It was a bet, I think Danny lost. I think.


04/22/2009 06:21 pm

Still laughing about the Sesame Street reference. Pretty sad video...

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