Optimism Abounds For Some Despite Adsense Earnings Drop

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Some webmasters on WebmasterWorld are keeping an optimistic view on Adsense despite disappointment in their earning this year. The issues with Adsense lately are no secret, ranking from reporting issues to a Google glitch holding Adsense checks for some publishers. Let conspiracy theories on why abound, but that's not going to halt some from keeping a positive look on what an earnings drop in Adsense can actually spur you to do. For some when issues arise with Adsense and they fear their income being threatened they kick into high gear to explore areas to diversify their revenue streams into others areas that will hold up when Adsense clearly isn't. As ember a member on WebmasterWorld states when his Adsense earnings drop it "forces him to contact advertisers directly and establish relationships with them. It let's me sleep at night knowing that if I lose my AdSense account, it is not the end of the world".

He goes on to say:

I think this could a blessing in disguise. I was getting lazy, anyway. Time to talk to advertisers.

He makes a great point. Stop being lazy. The WMW thread includes many many success stories on people contacting advertisers directly being able to raise their income well over what Adsense is returning for them. One member complains about the complexity of Adsense turning away people and opting instead for direct relationships that are easier to maintain and consistent.

Great thread with lots of discussion, check it out at WebmasterWorld

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Roseli A. Bakar

04/11/2009 09:59 am

Though google adsense is one of the top money maker for many webmaster and bloggers, seeking additional income from other network are equally important. Like you said, we need to stop being lazy and start to contact advertisers directly..

Michael Nunn

09/02/2010 10:28 am

My own adsense earnings have gone through the floor when most of my sites' traffic has gone up exponentially. I can't believe that my adsense isn't getting any hits altho this is what google is reporting... I'm sure google is still getting paid each time the ads are clicked though huh???

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