Poll Result: How Long Does It Take To Rank Well?

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ranking-time-google.pngA week ago, we polled our audience asking How Long Should It Take To Rank Well in Google?

With over two-hundred responses, I thought it would be a good time to share the results with you all.

How Long Does it Take To Rank Well in Google Results:

:: 3 - 6 Months said 83 respondents or 35% :: 6 - 9 Months said 46 respondents or 19% :: 2 Months said 28 respondents or 12% :: A Year Plus said 24 respondents or 10% :: Weeks said 22 respondents or 9% :: A Year said 13 respondents or 5% :: A Month said 13 respondents or 5% :: Other answer... said 10 respondents or 4%

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This article was written earlier this week and scheduled to go live April 9th.

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Eric Itzkowitz

04/09/2009 05:16 pm

This is a hard question to answer because "rank well" means something different to each individual. Does ranking well mean one #1 ranking, three Top 5 Rankings or 100 Top 10 Rankings? And then there is the whole conversion end of this. I mean who cares if you rank #1 for a term that brings no conversions or the kind of traffic you really want? My personal definition of ranking well is when your brand (website URLs) show up in the Top 10 for just about anything a user queries about your industry. Further, the rankings you've achieved bring in a good amount of qualified traffic that responds positively to your desired call to action(s) and creates a conversion for you.

No Name

07/25/2009 01:37 pm

Very good research but what is Google official opinion?


12/29/2011 05:34 am

there is no exact answer... it changes for site to site... if the site has quality content, good seo, then it will rank within 2 months...

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