April Fools Day & Search Industry

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I wrote a big write up at Search Engine Land on the various search related April Fools gimmicks over here. Here, let me focus on the forum threads I found related to questions on the various April Fools jokes.

Google went back to 1990 with CADIE: Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity. In short, the intelligently designed this awesome blog. Honestly, I am not too much into the joke. The funny part is that someone asked "How can I install Gmail Autopilot by CADIE in my gmail account?" Hmm, April Fools!

Cre8asite Forums renamed to Cre8abanana:


Finally, you may have noticed that visiting this site, will spring you for an April Fools hoax. The hoax changes if you are on a PC or Mac.

Mac users (or linux) get the ever so scary kernel panic:

Search Engine Roundtable April Fools

PC users users get the blue screen of death:

Search Engine Roundtable April Fools

Hope it didn't freak you out too much. Honestly, every time I visit this site and get that hoax, I get nervous. Something about seeing the kernel panic that scares me, even though I know it is a hoax.

I wrote a big write up at Search Engine Land on the various search related April Fools gimmicks over here.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help, Cre8asite Forums and Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

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Sajal Kayan

04/01/2009 12:54 pm

Sorry to dissapoint you, but hope someone has told you that not all PC users are Windows users. In fact most macs these days are PC nowdays. Please dont attempt to fool a Linux user with windows BSOD...

Barry Schwartz

04/01/2009 01:43 pm

I am not disappointed, and trust me, I know that. But I didn't want to spend 20 hours working on an april fools day prank. I hope the mac and pc hoax worked on 90% of my readers. Sorry to disappoint you.

Nico van der Watt

04/01/2009 02:21 pm

Wow, you gave me a fright there. I'm looking forward to your pick of the best.

Jon Payne

04/02/2009 11:14 am

I think this is the one hoax I totally fell for. I was pissed. I may have even rebooted as I didn't read the message. ha. good stuff!

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