23% of Google AdSense Publishers Say 75% of Their Income Comes From Google

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Google Adsense Income PollLast week, I ran a poll asking if Google AdSense made up most of your income. The 129 responses are in and I wanted to share them with you. It seems like 47% of those that make money will AdSense say Google makes up more than 25% of their income. 53% said Google makes up less than 25% of their income. Here is the breakdown:

:: Less Than 25% of My Income said 58 respondents or 45% :: Over 75% of My Income said 25 respondents or 19% :: Not Applicable To Me said 20 respondents or 16% :: Over 50% of My Income said 14 respondents or 11% :: Over 25% of My Income said 12 respondents or 9%

Is it possible that 23% of publishers make 75% or more of their income with Google? The 23% is when you take out the "Not Applicable to Me" results, since they likely are not AdSense publishers.

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Chris Zaharias

03/24/2009 04:52 pm

Shouldn't the title of this blog post be "23% of Google AdSense Publishers Say 75% of Their Income Comes From Google"?

Barry Schwartz

03/24/2009 05:42 pm

Yes, sorry.

No Name

03/27/2009 09:56 pm

It would be interesting to know how many percent of the total advertising space is used for Google Adsense as well. If you run websites that are "geared" for google adsense as main income then you are very likely to have a high percentage of your income from this source as well compared to sites that fill in the blanks with adsense links.

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