China Blocks Google Docs & FeedBurner

Mar 13, 2009 • 8:59 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

There are reports from Google Docs Help forum that people in China cannot access their Google Docs or even FeedBurner on

Here is what the China Google Docs user said:

Google Docs appears to be blocked here in China. I live in Shanghai and work at Concordia International School here. No students can access their docs at school or at home where they are all on different ISP's.

I guess that is a better excuse then my dog ate my homework? But seriously, this must be a router issue that is temporary and someone in China needs to open this up soon. We have seen China block many sites, including Google properties, time and time again. Sometimes they do it on purpose and sometimes it is a mistake.

Forum discussion at Google Docs Help.

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Gavin Smith

03/13/2009 02:26 pm

Good old communism at work again.

No Name

03/13/2009 04:24 pm

This is too bad.


03/13/2009 05:18 pm

I lived in China for 27 years. I'm 100% sure that China government blocks websites they don't like on purpose.


10/06/2009 04:03 am

I'm having the same problem, many months later. This is not a temporary problem. MORE interesting: I tried using google docs via a proxy site -- WORKS FINE. Immediately. There's definitely a GFW (great firewall) block aiming directly at Google Docs. My gmail works fine. Google docs does not. Has been a problem for a long time.

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