Car Stolen? Find It With Google Maps?

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I found a unique and somewhat weird post at a Google Webmasters Help thread. Let me quote the request for you:

I hope you can help find my husbands truck using your technology. 7 welding trucks have been stolen in N. CO and it is our livelyhood. Please help us in any way you can to find it. It was stolen on 3/11/09 at around 4:45a.m. from 1101 3rd St., Windsor, CO.

I really feel bad for this family business. Seven of their trucks were stolen from them? Wow! But to use Google Maps to find them? That is just funny. It would be cool and we did hear stories about how Google Maps help cops find illegal activity, but Google Maps is not a real time satellite feed.

I believe this is a picture of the house and one of the trucks:

View Larger Map

I hope the cops catch these guys, but I doubt Google can save the day here. Just very funny seeing someone who thinks Google has that much power to be able to make a difference here.

Forum discussion at Google Webmasters Help.

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Claire Jennings

03/13/2009 08:42 am

I can understand why she did it. If i had that many trucks stolen, i would try everything possible to get them back! There may be a slight chance! She has not only had 7 trucks stolen, but all this time, she cannot use them for the business. I would say she is pretty desperate!


03/17/2009 12:13 pm

And here is a tutorial for Google Maps made in paper :) Pretty sure you'll like it.

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