Is Push Gmail Coming to iPhone?

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A Google Mobile Help thread might have some signs that Google will be releasing push email for the iPhone.

Before you jump up and down in joy, I am making an assumption on this news from the following details.

In a Google Mobile Help a Googler named Robin marked a user's answer as being correct, when the person said, and I quote:

Google will probably release push email for the iPhone (using an Exchange protocol) in the near future. They have begun supporting push contacts and calendar, and mail is the only data service left to transition. The reason it works on a Blackberry is because all mail goes through the blackberry servers first. This server then pushes the email to your phone.

Now, Googler, Robin, marked the answer as correct. Robin did not comment in the thread to say if the first part or the second part is correct. Clearly, no one would say the second part of her answer is correct. But the first part would be a dream for most Gmail users using the iPhone.

Did Google just validate that they will enable push email support on the iPhone through the Exchange protocol?

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to see it soon. They did it for calendar and contacts already, so adding email is the obvious next step.

Forum discussion at Google Mobile Help.

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05/18/2009 08:08 am

I am looking forward to Gmail push. It is not like I need email instantly but having used MobileMe with Push on and Fetch set to Manual, I get much better battery life than Google Sync set to Push and Gmail set to Fetch every 15 mins. It is mainly an issue of battery life. I can live with it at the moment. That extra battery life and push email isn't worth the $99 a year when I have push contacts and calendars, Picasa Web Albums for online photos and Dropbox as an iDisk replacement. Google could kill MobileMe if they got full push on Mail and the rumoured GDrive which I am hoping will be as easy to use as Dropbox with more space and faster uploads. Even better, Apple could partner with Google, Apple's strong point isn't web apps, Apple should build the interface and Google should provide the back-end speed and efficiency for free.


05/18/2009 08:15 am

I think Apple needs to accept that in this age of the web, very few are prepared to pay for web services. You just can't, especially with Google and sites like Facebook and Twitter. You either have to make the money from ads or run it as a loss leader in the hope that it will sell more Macs, iPhones and iPod Touches. If it was quick, reliable and integrated with my Apple products the way it does for free without the ads, I would chose it over Google's products any day. Having said that, a lot of people already are in the Google ecosystem so it would make more sense just to stay with Google.

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