Being Your Own SEO Client Is Not Easy

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I spotted a pretty funny HighRankings Forum thread where an SEO is joking around that being his/her own client is not fun. This SEO said that when you provide SEO services, it is easy to tell your client to not check your rankings 20 times per day, or not to check your site index rate 10 times per day, but when it is your site, you do the same thing.

Here is how this SEO put it:

I have come to realise that I am my own worst client, what's worse is I do everything I tell clients not to do! Having finally decided to go it alone and start my own consultancy i finally launched my site on friday, I have check Google 20 times to see if I have been indexed yet (seriously, I know this is just ridiculous, but I can't help myself) and i have been checking my emails every hour!

But if you think about it, it is less about being your own worst client and more about being obsessed about your new venture. You want the best for your new baby and you go overboard early on to make sure you are giving your baby the best you can. Over time, you will become more hands off, but will you ever be as hands off as you are with another baby?

Many SEOs can't stand working with clients. Some SEOs love working with clients. Which would you rather do? Work with clients or do your own work?

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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No Name

02/17/2009 01:29 pm

Looks like everyone so far likes to work for clients and personal projects. It's always great to get a mix of projects. Clients don't let you do as much as you want sometimes and you allow your self to do to much sometimes.

Michael Martinez

02/17/2009 05:15 pm

Working on personal projects helps us keep our skills sharp but I have little time for them any more. But we can certainly do things for ourselves that might cause our clients to faint out of naivete. Sometimes I wish the clients would pay me to work for myself -- that way I could do what I want to do unfettered by superstition and fear.

Ben Pfeiffer

02/17/2009 08:13 pm

After doing both personal and client work for many years I can say honestly it isn't easy. I do enjoy both though and as Mike said above working on my own projects makes me an every sharper SEO when it comes to working with clients. I can get my hands dirty and if I make mistakes I can learn from them and pass that knowledge onto my clients.

Derek Kean

02/18/2009 03:48 am

I agree with Ben, working on your own projects not only keeps you sharp, but also gives you a sandbox to mess with. Trying out new ideas of your own or tips from colleagues/friends. Working with clients is always fun because you get to see their excitement when they hit page 1 or even first position. Also sometimes I have clients that like to debate on topics, which keeps me entertained with following the news, and therefore on-top of my game.


02/19/2009 11:17 am

I'd much rather work on my own projects. At least then I've got control over what I'm marketing and avoid that Jerry McGuire feeling that what you're doing in life is total crap.

Jaan Kanellis

02/20/2009 09:21 pm

I dont see how you can be a decent SEO without running separate testing projects.

Rob Abdul

02/25/2009 02:05 pm

I think the key thing for me is excitement Derek! The Search engines employ some of the best minds – very intelligent individuals indeed. And to think that I, who initially took to computers rather than play out with my friends many moons ago can rank at the number 1 spot for completive keywords in the whole world - well what can I say guys – no words, no words, I should have been a poet. Rob I feel the same way. I like the control and freedom. Jaan I agree with you too. Actually I agree with everything everyone has said in their comments.

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