Adult Spam Makes Its Way Into Google Maps

Feb 11, 2009 • 9:35 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

We all know, Google Maps has their share of trouble with spam, including porn and escort services. Heck, even Google admitted the problem yesterday in the Up Close With Google Maps & Local.

Now a search for auto insurance los angeles returns an escort site in position I.

Google Maps Porn Spam

Clicking through, takes you through a couple redirects and lands you on an adult escort service web site. Clear sign of spam and something that we see often on Google Maps.

Google did say yesterday that they are much quicker at spotting these things. So let's see how long it takes them to remove this listing. It was first reported yesterday in the Google Maps Help discussion area, as Google recommends you do when you find spam. Let's see if it is still there tomorrow.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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Y. Steven

02/11/2009 03:52 pm

Finding those adult site that were covered with relevant keyword does proved once again that Google can't be messed up. But i could assume that there could be more of this and not only in Gmaps but also in their Google Mobile Phone.

Ryan Adami

02/11/2009 05:51 pm

I’m surprised this wouldn’t be flagged automatically based on the URL and landing page. And IT should have fun with my Websense logs. Oops, probably shouldn’t have clicked that at work!

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