What Happens When Google Does Not Catch a Site Hack?

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A Webmaster posted a thread at Google Webmaster Help groups asking why his description for his site shows porn related terms in the snippet. The clear answer was that his site was hacked.

The question was posed by a concern webmaster:

The description showing on google for etceteraonline.eu is for a porn site, the link works fine but the description is wrong and not contained on my site please help.

Several top contributors replied, showing that the site was hacked and had tons of porn content on it. Here is the first response by Aaron:

you had most likely been hacked.

i see the indexed content as well:


Google has pulled the site a few hours ago, but you can see the concern this webmaster had that his site was showing up as a porn site in Google. Not only is it upsetting to the webmaster, it would also be very upsetting to the unsuspecting searcher. Plus, who knows if this site had malware that can infect one's computer.

These are one of the many reasons why Google acts so fast to remove hacked sites from the index. And we all know Google reincludes hacked sites after they are patched, fairly quickly.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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01/20/2009 02:40 pm

Google doesn't consider sites with hidden spam links as dangerous. Its malware scanners load web pages is real browsers and then detect any unsolicited downloads and processes. In case of hidden spam links, there are no unsolicited processes so Google doesn't mark such hacked sites as "harmful" and doesn't warn site owners. On the other hand, hidden links are considered as spam and may eventually result in delisting.


01/20/2009 06:51 pm

It was me that posted the question and it was me that requested a google removal.


01/20/2009 07:09 pm

Sorry for the short reply. My point was Google didn't automatically pull the site, I wish it had. From my experience Denis is right, there's no automatic Google process to help out here. Thankfully there was only the hidden links, no malware etc.

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