Poll: Do You Like Google's 2009 Fav (Browser) Icon?

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Let us know in the poll bellow if you like Google's new favorite icon, the icon found in the browser bar on the left hand side of the domain name. The image below shows the three icons used, the one on the left most is the newest. The one in the middle is the one introduced in May 2008 and the one on the right is the original one.

Google's New Fav Icon

Here is the poll, let us know which one you like the best of the three:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint Forums and Google Blogoscoped Forums.

Update: Official word from Google Blog says this redesign was based on a contest they ran.

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01/10/2009 04:49 pm

I have a shortcut icon on my desktop and the new one doesn't look very good. I like the original icon.


01/10/2009 07:59 pm

I like the new one. I have you on my quick links. I like the new one.


01/10/2009 08:34 pm

Google saw the logo for Windows and thought we're having that ;) I think that the new one is better as it stands out.


01/10/2009 09:41 pm

I think its a great new logo, nice and colourful, definately eye catching despite being small. Great stuff.

chris boggs

01/11/2009 05:31 am

I completely agree with others that feel the new one stinks and the original is the best.


01/11/2009 06:29 am

I didn't mind the original, they could have stuck with that and it wouldn't have bothered me... But I hated the little blue g. So the new colorful one is a very nice change from that. It's nice and modern and distinct.


01/11/2009 12:08 pm

Google's homepage is famous for its minimalistic design. The favicon should be minimalistic too.


01/11/2009 12:10 pm

Google's homepage is famous for its minimalistic design. The favicon should be minimalistic too.


01/11/2009 03:30 pm

The original one stands out the best which is best for branding me would thinks.

Dawid Ryba

01/11/2009 05:26 pm

The original is the best.


01/12/2009 01:11 pm

I actually like the new one, but it's a close call against the original "G"... I never was a fan of the small blue "g". I think it does a great job of relating to the colourful "Google" you'll find on the Google home page.


01/12/2009 05:02 pm

I think the new one looks pretty cool! Glad to see Google is moving with the times...the other 2 looked a little boring!


01/12/2009 07:19 pm

Original stays the best.. but this also looks chewable.. :)


01/13/2009 02:34 pm

The new one is in the right direction. It is abit mondrianesk. It is indeed hard to grasped it at first. It might just require some tweaking. The blue one is elegant, for print especially, but doesn't stand well in the sea of colorful pixels on the screen. The original one is recognizable, but lack elegance and interest. Good luck.


01/13/2009 07:43 pm

The new one is too much, too gaudy, too many colors. Plus, the green and red looks too much like Christmas. It was fine the way it was. What's wrong with simplicity?


01/14/2009 06:20 am

Took me a couple of days to figure out why I despise the new icon. It struck me today that the color scheme is reminiscent of Christmas due to the bold green & red colors. I love the holidays but we are inundated with Christmas colors for three months straight. I wish they would have not altered the color scheme of André Resende's original design.


01/14/2009 08:26 am

The colour scheme is exactly like the Microsoft logo, which is BAD! The original was clear and different, now it seems it's time to abandon Google. Very sorry.


01/14/2009 03:28 pm

Perhaps its bold for google to try a new direction, the logo Is ok, but I agree with most when I say that I don't like the colors, and a bit off topic, I'm also no too much a fan of the iGoogle setup also, very unoriginal for such a innovative company.


01/15/2009 07:17 pm

Are all of you color-blind? The choice of colors are that which is used to symbolize the contemporary "Rastamon" in honorary celebration of this Republic's First American of Black Ancestry President-elect. All you sissys are siunding as though you're selecting dresses to match w/ your blouses. I'm born & raised on O'ahu,Hawai'i, never voted for Barry-O...& rather be desd than gone red! Fools!


01/17/2009 01:46 pm

The new fav looks like googles coloured balls that you see on some of their pages with a white "g" placed on top.


01/18/2009 04:44 pm

I really really dislike the new icon. I found this page because I was trying to find a way to remove it


01/28/2009 03:55 am

I think the new design is meant to resemble that ugly google chrome button!


02/12/2009 05:18 pm

Its a ripped off variant of the AVG free Antivirus logo ;0


08/04/2009 06:21 am

I like the new icon. It matches the colours used to identify Google Chrome. They're recreating their identity.


03/30/2010 01:23 am

the new one looks like some kind of a paw print. It sucks

Pedro The Mexi-Can

08/31/2012 04:08 am

I sooooo don't like the new icon it's absolutely bloody ridiculous! What significance has a blue G got to anything, are they calling google bluegill? Or blu-gle. Change it back.

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