Have a Question For Google? Using Google's New Discussion Area Might Not Help

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A few months ago, Google opened up new interactive discussion areas to help improve Google's communication between Google and the people who use Google's products and services. In fact, the Google Webmaster Help area moved over a month ago today.

Everyone was excited to see a quicker, more efficient and more responsive area to get answers to their questions. The only issue is that many folks are posting questions and their questions are not being seen. A Google Webmaster Help post shares this issue, in short, if you post a question, you need to reply to your post, to make sure it is visible to others. It seems like a temporary bug, but even if it is, who in their right mind will post a question and then reply to their question - it just isn't a logical thing to do.

Googler, JohnMu, said "FWIW You can also just add an update to your question -- that works without having to post a reply to yourself. The team is aware of this issue and I assume it will be addressed with the next update."

They have actually posted an announcement:

Due to an issue in the forum software, some posts here may not show up for everyone until a reply has been posted. To be sure that your thread is visible, feel free to post an empty reply to your own thread.

I hope they get this fixed soon.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

Update: This was resolved on January 6th in the afternoon.

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01/07/2009 12:56 pm

This issue has been resolved in the meantime. Feel free to post a question to try it out :-)

pat breen

01/14/2009 12:59 am

I got a ps3 and connected it to my wireless internet i can go on my ps3 and look stuff up but when i try to play a game online it doesnt eork what is the problem thxs


08/22/2009 06:49 pm

I am going to complete my Masters Degree in Sept 2009 n My Student Visa expires on 15th Jan 2010. In the mean time, I want to go India in Oct 2009 and return back on 5th Dec 2009. Is it possible to come back to UK or will I face any Immigration problems. From: Manchester to Hyderabad

Charles A. Russell

09/26/2009 03:10 am

I would like to know what happened to myspace. The site had rooms that we could chat in and have a good time. I enjoyed it until it was no more. Then the site personnel went out of the way to cut the rooms completely. What we would like to know is " When if ever is the site going to be the way it was"? It was fun when we had the chat rooms but then it was all of a sudden turned off from everybody. Could you look into it for us and give somew answer to the delimma we are in. Wiothout the drama.


10/06/2009 12:01 pm

hai iam nishanth.how to control hair whitening?


10/18/2009 08:43 am

i want swap my wife with other so i want know how to convince her for swapping. Pls help me how to convince her.


11/06/2009 02:39 am

today a lady backed up into my car so i called the police to get a report done the officer said we did not need a police report that in the state of texas it was not required to get a report if the damage was under $1000 dollars now tell me does anyone know this law


11/06/2009 02:49 am

cop says don't need police report for accident any coments


11/13/2009 04:10 pm

I want to ask some question regarding jobs. Please give me the tips where should i post the question. I am helpless.


11/29/2009 02:16 am

Does anyone have any unlock codes for the lg kp130 im on t-mobile and would like to change to o2


12/04/2009 01:33 pm

I live the woodlands and I work in Stafford 77477. I need to move closer to work because I drive 105M/day, but I have 11 and 13 Y old boys. Not sure what would be the sefest area to move to close to Stafford? Any suggestions?


12/08/2009 02:01 am

Strax Rejuvenation has scamed me. I need help with finding a good attorny. I've heard a lot of people complaining about strax. Does anybody have a good advice on what I can do?


12/26/2009 11:34 pm

hi, can anyone tell me if its possible to get into dental school after doing 3years at college on the dental technology course. i dont have the grades from school to go straight into university, so was hoping that after college i may have a chance of getting into university.


02/22/2010 11:40 am

24 dot puzzle: Can anyone solve this puzzle or is it not possible? Rule: 1. You have to connect all the dots with a continuous line. 2. You can't cross a line or use diagonals 3. The underscore dash is a space and you can't skip the space. 4. You cannot across a dot more than two times The diagram is as follows-- o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o _ o Any help is appreciated


05/02/2010 04:50 am

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05/06/2010 09:00 pm

hate Google new side bar on home page hate it hate it is there a way to get rid of it


06/09/2010 09:32 pm



07/13/2010 03:06 am

HI, I had a question for all the people.I am preparing a report on G20.The question is why there is a massive protestors aganist G-2O in TORONTO?what are the reasons?Can any one help me out with a good report.


08/08/2010 06:29 pm

i am manojkumar studying graduation.my intention is to participate in common wealth games oct 2010.as i am indian citizen found of table tennis player.May i know the details ,procedure , eligibility,selection to participate and also how to approach whom and when.Is there any posibility..........plzzzzzzzz send any info regarding participation to my mail.........i will be very thankfull to uuuuuu.


08/13/2010 11:15 am

how on earth do you find someone in cyprus, ayai napa to be exact. all i have is a name,surmname, and age. I have search on finding people sites, cyprus sites, ayai napa site to no avail. i desperatley need to find this person. ive typed the name in to with no avail and also tried facebook but nothing. PLEASE i cannot stress how important it is for me to find this person. any advice would be greatly appretiated


09/06/2010 06:34 pm

Hello! I am using Windows 7 Ultimate. I activated the IIS7, and then installed "php-5.3.2-nts-Win32-VC9-x86.msi" and "mysql-essential-5.1.48-win32.msi". Then I used Dreamweaver CS4 to create a website to test some php pages. Up to this step my IIS7's localhost was totally fine as usual, because I could press F12 in Dreamweaver or manually type localhost and my php page name to see the php pages in the browser. But, after installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate the IIS7's localhost does not display any php contents. For example, I created a "test.php" page where I wrote "Hello world!" and saved it in the "wwwroot" folder and typed "http://localhost/test.php" in the browser's address bar but no texts are displayed, nothing, just empty page coming out. I guess through IIS7's localhost even html or asp or aspx pages won't display now. I deactivated and reactived IIS7 many times, but still the same problem. Surprisingly, however, I uninstalled Visual Studio; and then the IIS7's localhost was toatlly fine again. But I need both: Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and IIS7. But in my computer their localhosts are having some problems diabling me to utilise IIS7's localhost together with Visual Studio's localhost for viewing dynamic pages. Please someone help me get out of this problem. Thank you. :))

emily stephen

09/19/2010 07:57 pm

i have got my kitten a new toy designed for kittens. but it has dyed my kitten pink!!! there is nothing on the packaging to even sugest this could happen. i have tried washing her but the dye would not come off. I have also sent a complaint to the company. but i am concerned about her cleaning herself and digesting the dye. am i right to be worried? or will she be fine?


10/31/2010 12:10 am

Hi there ! early this year i bought a broken tired worn out XR650R 2000 model and in the last 6 months I have been Slowly putting life back into her again :) My problem is that now I am at the end I have encountered a slight head scratching issue with the wiring ( which I have also had to re do ) as I have to have the bike in a roadworthy condition to pass Australian Road Traffic Law I decided to go back to original........ the problem ? I am unable to work out how to wire up the headlight and indicators with what is left :( I have gone to the local Honda dealers and they even contacted Honda Australia to assist........ I am told that the Diagram in the manual is complete ......... well its not ! it does not show how or where the Headlight and indicators are supposed to be joined, I am almost certain that there is another small loom that would allow me to compete the loop and wondered if you can help ?????? the colours left (3 wires)over for the headlight dark blue/green and white and from the handlebar switch what is left over are 3 wires orange/ light blue/ white. the indicators are 2 wires each one side is green other light blue blue, the other indicator wires are again 2 the colours are orange and green. whilst it is obvious that I go with the clour scheme and join them it is also obvious that I do not have any left over wires to plug into !!!!hence my thinking that there is a little loom that is not shown by the manual !!!! could be totally wrong :( any assistance will be greatly appreciated cheers Phil


12/07/2010 03:35 pm

I have a paper phobia! I cant stand to be near paper, cardboard boxes, exc... I hate the smell, touch, feel of paper. Thats why I did so bad in school. I could not stand my text books. Just thinking about paper makes me half crazy. Now my kids are in first grade and it takes absolutely everything in me to help them. I have to sit there and grit my teeth and tighten my fists. Am I alone in this? Maybe an explination? I have never told anyone. It sounds to crazy to even say. Maybe i am crazy but i have had this problem my whole life and it seems to just get worse. Thank You!

Nancy Guess

12/07/2010 04:28 pm

I was wondering why Google has ignored the fact that today is Pearl Harbor Day in the United States. Please email me at nancy.guess@gmail.com if you have an answer. Thanks!


02/09/2011 07:22 pm

I have a huge problem. I'm only 17 years of age. And my boyfriend and i have been together for about 3 and a half years it will be 4 in June. I am honestly in love with him. He constantly puts me down and makes me feel like i'm nothing to him and he's always blaming it on me. Saying it's my fault that we get into these stupid fights. We've broken up a few time's. I feel like i'm depressed but whenever we break up and i'm without him, i cry and feel awful. In his eyes he never does anything wrong and i always screw up. For example: I would invite him over and he'd say no, or have an excuse why he couldn't come. Just the other day, i asked him to come over and he said he had plans to hangout with his friend who just lives down the street. And i live about 20 minutes away while driving. I don't know what too do. I don't want to break up with him, because he is the first guy i've ever loved. But this is all too hard on me. And we've planned our futures together, and everything. I just don't want him too look at me and say "your stupid, annoying" etc. It all just hurts. I love him with everything i have and all i do is try to be a great girlfriend too him. I just now took an online depression test and it's telling me that i am experiencing depression. I don't want this to be the case. What should i do?


02/25/2011 09:53 am

Yahoo messenger is out When I check mail from it with Google Crome in the default browser but Internet Explore is not. dungit2007@yahoo.com


02/27/2011 07:25 pm

My new website has 150 visits per day, it has 200 inleading pages with 3 google adsense ads on each day. However google adsense says I show only 15 page impressions per day. I'm confused and need advice. Thanks in advance for any advice. Tom

Marion Beaton

03/05/2011 09:40 pm

do I have to close down gmail and open a hotmail to get facebbok comments from everyone off my email acc


04/20/2011 12:05 am

Google, My name is Laura Norwine and I have a problem that I need your solving. Riddle me this, a girl, a very cool girl, a very cool funny girl, a very cool funny smart girl, a very cool funny smart better than all of Joes other friends that are girls girl, enjoys a soda from time to time, now picture this girl drinking a soda while writing a paper for her friend and drinking a soda, therefore bringing carbonation into her system and consequently causing her to burp, now lets set the stage, this awesome girl is sitting on a floor and is contemplating why she is burping so much, besides the fact that carbonation has entered her esophagus, now see if you can answer this question, why other than the carbonation am I burping so much? Can you answer that question in a short synopses for me?


05/03/2011 03:52 am

is there any device to detect blood? or sum rays like UV rays??

Bryan Smith

06/03/2011 08:36 am

I recently downloaded a Google update which unfortunately contained or triggered a bug. Basically I got about twenty messages during boot-up (each of which I had to clear) such as "C \Progra \Google 4...Bad Image".  I uninstalled all my Google programs, did a system restore and all was fine again. A few days late I tried to re-install Google as my homepage, but the same thing happened.  Again I have taken it out and all is OK.  Anyone else had that problem please ?


06/14/2011 03:13 pm

i would downloaded one movie from the utorrent web site but now i have one problem in that when i open that movie it ask for password and one more think the extension of the movie is .rar ........ i want the solution how to overcome that problem pls any one help me 


07/03/2011 06:40 pm

why when i am installing aircrack on iphone using cydia it says operation timed out. and if anyone could give me a good source to install aircrack i would be very relieved.


07/11/2011 02:45 pm

I Just Would Like To Know I Used To Be A Huge Smashing Pumpkins Fan Ago Time Ago And Bought Nearly 40 Bootleg Cds Of Theres - Are They Worth Any Money Or Not If Not Ill Give Them To Someone Who Is Still A Smashing Pumpkins Fan ?


07/11/2011 05:02 pm

How do I delete my yahoo account?  I've tried many times over the past month, and I always get to the deactivation page, enter my password, and the code, and hit deactivate.  Every time I do this I get this message:  We've run into an error trying to terminate your account. Please contact Customer Care and we'll be happy to help you.Then when I try to contact customer care the link is unavailable.I also tried teck support, and they want to charge me $38 to help (WTH)!I would appreciate any help I can get, to get rid of Yahoo for good (tired of the spam, and slow server!)Thanks


07/18/2011 03:37 pm

Which will be the best? either samsung galaxy ace 5830 or xperia X10 mini?


07/18/2011 03:38 pm

pls reply guys.. need ur help>>>>>>>>>>>>>


07/20/2011 01:36 am

The Google directory was the best way to make a preliminary and usually satisfactory search of the web.....but it no longer exists all of a sudden...Too bad they didn't introduce the idea a while before acting on their decision (no doubt a decision with a solid foundation but it leaves me disturbed...but I'll learn!!!!


08/07/2011 01:43 am

Has Google given up on its newsgroup secition?  They hav'nt updated the postings in over a week. They should not say they have a newsgroup section when technically there  in NO NEW NEWS, only old potings over a week old

Deb Lackey

09/23/2011 04:02 pm

There were alot of great questions submitted to Google/Fox for the GOP debate. Google needs to get answers to all the questions submitted to the GOP debate Sept 22 2011.  Get the candidates to pick question to answer in some type of online forum. How can you achieve this? Thank you, Deb Lackey


10/12/2011 12:37 pm

i have a thoroughbred mare that has slipped her foal on the first week of October for the last two years any suggestions. she was six months in foal on both occasions


10/16/2011 11:24 pm

i dont have a phone i used my grand daughters phone foe stuff like this she moved to cal. im deaf dont need one only for stuff like this now what do i do


01/20/2012 11:56 pm

I want control of the names that appear when I press the first letter of A or B or whatever. I want to add some and subtract some. Is it possible for me to do this? If so, how.


02/29/2012 08:52 am

This may sound stupid, but can anyone please tell me if this is used correctly? Can you say I got rained? or do you say I got rained on? please help


03/16/2012 05:41 am

can someone help me figure this out???so i bought a xenyx802 and here is the problem everything work expect when i record .i have the mixer plug this way,mic is hook up to mixer.level 5/6 am using the 1/4 cable hook up to my usb sound card line in.CTRLROOM OUT am using a 1/4 cable it goes to back to my usb sound card out.and i have my monitor hook up to my main L/R, so everything work expect when am recording using any program like mixcraft,adobe,audacity i always heard music when am recording my vocal,i think is call playback or background music ,i be using my headphone so there no way that the mic can get any noise,but when ever i play it back i hear my vocal plus instrumental ...any help please

Herman King

05/10/2012 09:42 pm

Who is responsible for popups trying to trick you into giving your cell phone number?


08/22/2012 05:41 pm

what do you think about Yext powerlisting product


10/06/2012 01:08 am

How can i write a technical article example an oil change without infringing copy write laws. Draining of engine oil is open the drain pan and collect the oil in a pan install the drain plug and replace the oil filter with a new filter. Fill the engine with the recommended oil as per the manufacturers specification.


10/06/2012 01:11 am

How to write an article about oxygen sensor without infringing on copy write laws. An oxygen sensor has technical and scientific information. The description and function are technical and we cannot change the technics of an oxygen sensor.


10/11/2012 09:21 pm

in medieval times how did the Poorest of poor people cross the english channel If They Could not AFFORD boats. i have all kinds of arguments Heard from a lot of floating timber tied up with a paddle to a thin chain That span the crossing .... please can u guys just level this argument for me :) Obviously swimming was on the list if your goal That you is not poor anthlete year. please please end this awful argument! and if you cant give me a link to the guys That can! : D


10/18/2012 10:12 am

can any body suggest that the best coaching centre for CS in Hydearabad


03/02/2013 07:40 pm

I just tried to forward a e mail to deck_log@hotmail.com and I told it was any good. Now this just plain BS as I use every were else with out any problem.

Mohammad Jafar Sarshar

05/02/2013 12:32 pm

Dear Sir On Tue.Nov.27,2012 I sent an email from ID: mjsarshar@gmail.com to ID: mehdi.izadpanah@gmail.com .I want to know if the reciever has read out this email . Thank you very much . Mohammad Jafar Sarshar


05/31/2013 05:09 pm

why do i have multiple listings for my website www.princessemma.net?


07/18/2013 06:33 pm

how do I obtain a coupon for Clarisonic item that was purchased on line through Google and was a knockoff that will not work? Clarisonic said Google would send me a refund/credit for a new one.

Peter J. Frank

12/28/2013 06:04 am

Question: What's up with Java, could this be a precursor for a few underlying smaller problems I've been experiencing?

Peter J. Frank

12/28/2013 06:11 am

Just checking as suggested by a very good source, in fact the best on the internet-Google.com- still? Question: What's up with Java, could this be a precursor for a few underlying smaller problems I've been experiencing?

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