Does Google Throttle Domain Traffic?

Dec 19, 2008 • 9:26 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

If you get a really high ranking on Google, should you see less traffic? A WebmasterWorld user says that he's getting much higher rankings than before (increases to the first page from page 11) and he's still not getting a traffic boost ("I'm now getting traffic from hundreds more great keyphrases -- but the total traffic at the end of the day is the same as it has been for the past three months.") The thought is that Google is not giving him that boost (but why?)

Some say that this is because even great rankings for very popular keywords do not necessarily bring great traffic. The user argues that his popular keywords ARE bringing him traffic (and they are GREAT keywords), but he's still not sure. The suspicion lies in a correlation between Google AdWords and organic results, but there's absolutely no relationship between the two.

It's still an open ended question. My thought would be to have a good look at analytics and compare the before-after results of the rankings change.

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Michael Martinez

12/19/2008 05:57 pm

Another conspiracy theory from WMW. Ho hum. I see no trends analysis in the discussion about the generically described keywords. The assumption that Google must be up to something is less likely to be true than that the SEO making the complaint just doesn't know enough about SEO to understand that query spaces mature and decline, experience cycles, etc.

diarmuid ryan

12/20/2008 01:44 am

if no-one is searching for a phrase it does not matter where it ranks


12/20/2008 08:08 am

I think its because google personalizes your results based on your local datacenters, even if you are logged out. When i check my own sites. I rank well for high traffic keywords, but dont get alot of traffic in some of those keywords. Im guessing its only showing up on the first page for searches in my local area. Either that or G knows its my site and skews the results for some other reason. Check it from a proxy located in another area and see if you are still ranked on the first page.


12/22/2008 02:55 pm

It is because the bulk of traffic is bogus in the first place. Want to make a lot of money with adsense? Put up an adsense page focused on keywords with high PPC values. Get a whole lot of free or cheap hosting accounts. Write a script to run from each of these unique IP addresses to go to the adsense page and click a couple of google PPC ads then have it go to sleep for three or four months. This fraud is google's "dirty little secret" There are thousands of hackers doing this now!


12/24/2008 10:54 am

"really high rankings" ? - are you sure? if you have Google toolbar, try a different browser (without the toolbar) + perform your check using a proxy. in addition Check carefully your traffic sources; maybe high percentage if your traffic is coming from sources like referring sites or image search. In this case ranking doesn't matter that much..

Master AK

08/25/2012 10:12 am

1. first you need make sure the results are not just from your PC, Google is very cleaver leave Cookies and if you have a toolbar will listen to all communications. 2. you Google traffic estimation tools to see if that exact keyword is really generating clicks.

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