Google Sitelinks Being Cut Off?

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I am a huge fan of Google Sitelinks for a lot of reasons. But what do you do when the Sitelinks Google is displaying for your site is wrong? The manage Sitelinks feature doesn't give you too many options, outside of removing them. So what do you do?

First place to go would be the Google Webmaster Help discussion forums and post a thread like this guy did. In short, his site is showing Sitelinks for a search on developer fusion. You will notice that Google is cutting off the Sitelinks, so that they don't really make full sense.

Here is a screen capture showing how "Convert C# to VB.NET" ends up being "Convert C# to" and sections that start with "ASP.NET" end up just being "ASP." Why is this happening, it appears to be related to the period.

Google Sitelinks Issue

Googler, Susan Moskwa said, "I've passed your feedback along to the sitelinks team to look into." She then suggests that this webmaster wait it out and see what happens after the next Sitelink update.

John, a top contributor in the forum, gives a pretty good piece of advice. He said, why not try to "escaping them," "as in using . instead of "."" That might help Google understand they are the same phrase or maybe not. The webmaster said he might give that a try.

Manipulating and managing your Sitelinks is not an exact science. Experimentation is often necessary but at the same time, scary to play around with. Documenting these types of threads, may help SEOs figure out ways to best manage their Sitelinks.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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12/17/2008 11:32 am

It must be getting weird and making the guy go mad by such results


12/17/2008 03:31 pm

I'm just wondering why people care about sitelinks under their search listings... Don't most people just click on the main link anyways?

No Name

12/18/2008 12:26 pm

"I'm just wondering why people care about sitelinks under their search listings" How can you get rank of your site without listing.


12/28/2008 03:36 pm

I would be going mad if that was happening to my sites. An I know customers are not as understanding as me, so I hope this resolves itself, and isn't something that happens all over


01/02/2009 05:13 pm

Google really needs to make an effort resolve their issues. As an SEO consultant I sometimes have a tough time just understanding what the tools are supposed to

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