Google Promises They Don't Cap AdSense Earnings

Nov 18, 2008 • 8:07 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

We have questioned if Google limits how much an AdSense publisher can earn in the past. We even ran a poll where the majority of publishers felt Google did not have a glass ceiling for AdSense earnings.

Now, a WebmasterWorld thread pulls out a quote from the new AdSenseAdvisor that Google does not cap publishers. Let me quote you:

I 100% guarantee that there are no earnings caps on AdSense accounts. I will swear it on a big stack of Google search results. No earnings caps.

That is believable to me. Do you believe it?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Joan Yankowitz

11/18/2008 03:28 pm

I had never heard that Google capped Adsense earnings, but it really wouldn't make any sense to me if they did. If the new advisor says they don't, I guess we should take him at his word.

No Name

11/18/2008 04:19 pm

yes i believe

Rob Abdul

11/19/2008 09:48 am

It would not make sound business sense for Google to cap adsense earnings For every dollar that a publisher earns Google makes more. I for one believe that Google does not cap adsense earnings.

Sumira Khan

11/24/2008 09:12 am

Amen to that!


07/23/2012 07:08 pm

For some reason no matter how many websites I build my earnings stay within the almost exact range every day. It seems that one day one of my sites will earn very well but then the next day it will earn poorly but some other site I own will earn well in its place and Ill end up with almost the same amount as the previous day. I know earnings per site will vary day to day but It seriously seems like I have a specific cap on my earnings. Also my earnings get really slow and drop off or stop completely once my account reaches a certain daily amount matter what time of day that so happens to occur.

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