Some Good News For Jeeves Makes Come Back

Nov 5, 2008 • 9:24 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under - Ask Jeeves

When retired Jeeves, I was quite sad. The guy was a friendly web presence and he had the craziest answers to some of the funniest questions. But Jeeves retired, essentially dissolved itself, and it looks like Jeeves is making a debut after playing around in the adult entertainment industry, as Barry reports at Search Engine Land.

Barry notes that if you go to, it redirects to but with the Jeeves character. On the other hand, if you just went directly to, Jeeves would no longer be seen.

It's about time Jeeves came back to us!

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11/06/2008 08:33 am

It's just the background image. check out their skin gallery:

Tamar Weinberg

11/07/2008 05:49 pm

Still, it's JEEVES!

paul knights

04/27/2009 04:07 pm

welcome back


09/25/2009 03:06 pm

what is omr and when we us it and why?

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