Google Encourages Drunken Behavior, Lets Advertisers Bid on Beer

Nov 3, 2008 • 9:21 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

Want to buy beer? Until recently, you could search for "beer" on Google and not see any Google ads since it was against the policy. But recently, Taylor Pratt had the desire to get drunk bid on some alcoholic keywords (maybe?) and discovered that Google was allowing individuals to buy alcoholic keywords, which is a change that Google has not previously made public. He has a quote from his Google AdWords rep which says:

Beer, wine and champagne may now be promoted from ad text and may be the focus of your site. We consider beer, wine and champagne to be products intended for the sale and consumption of adults. Therefore, ads promoting beer, wine and champagne will be given a ‘Non-Family Safe’ status.

This only applies to the three types of alcohol -- beer, wine, and champagne -- but not hard liquor, which Google is still prohibiting.

Barry notes, by the way, that wine and champagne were always allowed and that beer is a recent addition. Google is not saying why beer has recently been allowed by Google AdWords.

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11/03/2008 04:14 pm

Google isn't encouraging "drunken behavior".. that's the stupidest headline I've read in a while. Google simply understand that there are probably more people out there that understand when dealing with alcoholic beverages, to act responsibly and enjoy it. Lumping this all into "drunken behavior" is pretty narrow minded. There is way more to beer, homebrewing, tasting, styles, etc., then there is to "beer = getting drunk and wasted."


11/03/2008 05:43 pm

I have a secret desire to get drunk while biding on alcoholic keywords. Finally, thanks to Google, this dream has come true :) Thanks for the link, Tamar. See you at Pubcon!

No Name

11/04/2008 12:38 pm

"Google Encourages Drunken Behavior, Lets Advertisers Bid on Beer" is a moronic headline. Beer is the drink of the sophisticate. Just because one drinks it doesn't make one a pisshead. That sort of logic is the logic of an arse or god-botherer. It's behaviour by the way!

Tamar Weinberg

11/04/2008 03:02 pm

Rob/No Name, like many say, "don't judge a book by its cover." It made you think, right? Stupid headline but hey, you were compelled to respond -- and that was my sole goal. ;)


12/09/2008 09:25 pm

Looks like your "sole goal" equals provocation of and time wasted by loyal readers; a cheap trick to get a discussion started that is generally used by people unable to achieve that with their writing. Or, at the very least, just not a very admirable goal. Oh well, you live and learn (to stick to the idioms).

Tamar Weinberg

12/12/2008 02:36 pm

robzilla, then don't read. Loyal readers who came here from the liquor post (which I can tell you did, given the very ironic timing) know that compelling headlines drive attention. I have no regrets. You wasted your time responding on an issue that I clearly addressed in my other post's disclaimer.

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