Why Doesn't Google Like WordPress Blogs?

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There is a discussion on Sphinn about WordPress, probably one of the biggest blog platforms on the Internets, and meanwhile, it doesn't even rank in the top 10 for "blog" or "create a blog." Does Google not like WordPress since it's a competitor to their Blogger platform?

Well, some individuals would say this, but I think the person who submitted the story was a bit short-sighted in that it really relates to how the site is optimized for Google, and I have a feeling that the sites ranked higher than WordPress are there for a reason. Further, in terms of why they don't optimize, it's probably because they don't care -- they don't need to. They're definitely the highest-regarded blog platform and have word of mouth marketing going for them, which (in this case) may be more potent than search engine optimization.

Let's revisit the question: does Google like WordPress or not? It seems that WordPress blogs do show up in the SERPs. After all, I believe Matt Cutts has his blog listed in the top 10, and his blog is based on WordPress (which you can also see by looking at the source of his site). Further, WordPress blogs are ranked pretty well in the SERPs in general for less competitive phrases (I'm not sure searching for "blog" was the right example here).

While the discussion is lengthy and ongoing, I think the vision is short-sighted and wasn't properly researched. But hey, that's just me.

In fact, Google does love blogs, according to Matt Cutts. (And why shouldn't they? Blogs love Google!)

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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10/28/2008 05:47 pm

The same reason Google doesn't like amazone affiliate sites.

Rika Susan's Juicing For Heal

10/29/2008 07:43 am

I think it has everything to do with optimization.


10/29/2008 11:07 am

Why doesn't MSN Search like websites hosted by Yahoo Web Hosting? Try searching "leather bound books" in Google, Yahoo and MSN


10/29/2008 11:11 am

Yahoo didn't sell to Microsoft WordPress is the main competition for Google's Blogger Hmmmmmmm


10/29/2008 03:17 pm

I don't think I can agree with your post heading.


10/29/2008 04:03 pm

Googles search engine appears to give wordpress blogs more juice than its own blogs.

No Name

10/29/2008 04:51 pm

I think it all boils down to content and optimization.

No Name

10/29/2008 05:09 pm

My sites made in wordpress have great rankings. And when I looked just now, wordpress.com is #2 for "free blog" and #3 for "start a blog" so it's not like you can't find them in the Google results. That's not to say Google serps shouldn't be viewed with a little healthy skepticism.

No Name

10/29/2008 05:40 pm

1. Google loves blogs. 2. Blogger is Googles blogging platform 3. Wouldn't it make sense that they would give there own blogging platforms more attention than someone elses? 4. However, if someone optimizes better on a different platform for a particular keyword phrase I believe Google will recognize it. They just have to fight harder for the position. For what it is worth, my opinion is that Blogger is much easier to understand and work with than what Word Press is. Thus I'll stick with Blogger though I don't see why these services aren't charging for people that choose to use them long-term. Where's the payoff for them? SEOGuy


10/29/2008 06:43 pm

Google Search keywords BLOG PLATFORMS #1 Position= FEB 15,2006 #2 Position= JAN 18,2006 #3 Position= FEB 8,2007 None of these results directly or indirectly report any preference to Google or by Google as to a preferred format and even if they did they're old?

Tshiananga K.

10/30/2008 06:41 am

Hey I have blog from google blogger and I still have a hard time to get listed or indexed. I guess they must be picky on who they like! Or maybe we all just have a cloud over our heads. But there are still other ways to get good PR like SEO and article marketing, one way links and classifieds!


10/30/2008 02:34 pm

Google does like Wordpress and Wordpress blogs are very powerful indeed. Search engines including and especially Google like the tags. I had a blog with a page rank of 5 out of 10. I say had because it has been suspended. I did not read the terms of the agreement which says it can't be used to increase page rank or for commercial purposes, but for a short period of time I could make a web page, blog it and it would show up in a matter of hours for the keywords I targeted. I learned my lesson on blogging and will use my experience to make the next one even better. Blog on with Wordpress!


10/30/2008 02:51 pm

I tried to submit a blog using wordpress self-hosted version and about 24 hours later it got indexed. It depends on the quality of post you got.

James Malaysia

10/30/2008 05:14 pm

Yes, I agreed. There is no evidence that google doesn't love wordpress. My blog is based on wordpress and sometimes I submit the post, it appear quickly in SERP in Google The fastest speed is after i post my blog, 3 minutes later it appear in Google SERP


10/30/2008 06:37 pm

Since Blogger is Google's blogging platform, I am sure they prefer it! Still, if your WordPress blog is optimized on a specific keyword, Google search will pick it up!

Tamar Weinberg

10/31/2008 02:03 pm

Wayne, you sure you can attribute that to quality? I think all WordPress blogs that have content (not the "Hello World" posts) are indexable. It's not about quality but the platform.


10/31/2008 05:17 pm

I agree it is the platform. With no promotion or back links my wordpress blogs get better indexing quicker than blogger, the content is nothing special. Though I prefer blogger, wordpress is a good tool to redirect traffic...until you get caught.


11/01/2008 07:55 am

I don't think Google will delibrately put down Wordpress. That is absurd. Also remember the serps do change. Maybe tomorrow you will find wordpress at the top of the serps for 'blog'.


11/02/2008 11:06 pm

Since adding a wordpress blog to my site www.aranisland.info my search results for my main keywords have gone from page 1 on google to page 10 or lower. Anyone know why?

Sherif K

11/07/2008 06:07 pm

I don't really thinks Google put Wordpress down either.


03/23/2009 12:20 am

I just started my site targmart.com and google puts my urls in their search index quite frequently. I get about 40 hits per day from google.

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