Ask Jeeves Now a Porn Star

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In February 2006, Jeeves was retired by the folks at It was a sad experience, but it happened. Back then, the Ask blog thanked Jeeves for all his work and set up a special site at (WARNING, do not click this yet)

That website was devoted to Jeeves Retirement journal. What Jeeves, the fictional character, did while on his vacation, where he went, what he enjoyed, etc. linked to this site from their home page, for a noticeable period of time, back then. Here is a picture:

Ask Jeeves Retires & Now Is Porn Star

I noticed via a comment left on this site, that Jeeve's retirement site is now a porn site. Yes, a pornographer picked up the domain when it expired, possibly two years after it was first set up.

So is Jeeves now a porn star?

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10/27/2008 12:08 pm

I wonder if Jeeves simply wanted to be a dirty old man in his retirement? Well at least they haven't managed to cash in on any PR out of the deal.


10/27/2008 03:13 pm

Oh my goodness... continues to find the most epic ways to fail. Incredible.


10/27/2008 07:41 pm

Poor Jeeves, I guess he lost all his retirement money in his IRA like many in the recent market collapse and had to find a job.


10/28/2008 12:48 am

Whoa dude, that is really extreme. I know this is a good story for you, but the link is extremely disturbing. Is it necessary to actually link to it? Could you just describe it instead?

Matt Cutts

10/28/2008 08:55 pm

Looks like it went bad in late March 2008 and we caught it very early in April. So whoever bought this domain only got a few days worth of it having any effect in Google.


10/29/2008 04:27 am

Oh, thanks for reminding me to renew a domain =)


11/02/2010 05:04 am


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