Google AdWords Showing The Search Partner Network, Finally

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The Google AdWords Blog announced you can now separate out the search traffic between coming from versus coming from Google's search partners (such as AOL and How do you see it? As I explained, you login, pull down the menu to “Split: Google search/search partners/content network.”

Split: Google search/search partners/content network

It will then break the results out for you. Awesome first step. But now advertisers can see exactly what they have been missing, performance of traffic from Google search compared to Google's search partners.

The reports are also coming to the report center.

There are two caveats as it says here:

(1) Due to the way we previously stored performance data, search partner statistics dated before January 1, 2007 will be categorized under 'Google' in your account. (2) You may find that your content network clickthrough rate (CTR) and conversion rate statistics are lower than you expected.

Of course, advertisers want more - more features based on this data. I assume those features will come in time.

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10/17/2008 01:09 pm

Once again Barry is the early bird with this huge news! I'm already seeing some big optimization opportunities now that we have this data. Kudos to Google for finally doing this. Now we just need the ability to set different bids for Google and search partners.


05/18/2009 03:35 pm

huge news?? i dont see now difference! i want to turn off certain 'search' partners -most of them are rotten comparison sites- and SEE where my visitors COME from!

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