UCLA Study: Brain Function Improves with Search

Oct 16, 2008 • 9:18 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Other Search Topics

A UCLA study has found that web search activity may stimulate and improve brain function among web-savvy adults. In the article, we are told that "researchers found that during Web searching, volunteers with prior experience registered a twofold increase in brain activation when compared with those with little Internet experience."

Details of the study will be published on the American Journal of Geriatric Psychology.

Is this why you're online? :)

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10/17/2008 04:22 pm

It's not why I'm online. I do think it shows that one difference between people who are online often and those who aren't is that those who are online often know better how to intelligently use the web - and therefor think more when searching, which is good brain exercise (aparently, I would not have guessed that).

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