Google Reinclusion Request Approval Times

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PollThe other day, I held a poll asking SEOs how long it typically took for their sites to be reincluded into the Google index after submitting a reconsideration request. We have complied 72 responses and I thought I share the results.

As I thought, the responses are really all over the place. Let me break them down for you.

Google Reinclusion Took Me... :: More Than Three Months said 18 respondents or 25% :: 1 Week To 3 Weeks said 12 respondents or 17% :: A Month said 12 respondents or 17% :: A Few Days said 11 respondents or 15% :: A Week said 6 respondents or 8% :: Three Months said 6 respondents or 8% :: Other... said 4 respondents or 6% :: Two Months said 3 respondents or 4%

Other responses were from "never" to "8 months" to "still waiting."

Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.

This post was written on October 13th and scheduled to go live on October 14th.

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10/15/2008 08:24 am

You do not have a story or anything intersting to say. Why waste people's time with this junk? Idiot!


10/15/2008 08:39 am

LOL @ Fred Why is this junk? It is a valid post trying to work out how long people typically wait when they file a recon request.


10/15/2008 10:03 am

Its a really a helpful information for the SEO's that are facing the problem.


10/15/2008 03:06 pm

ha ha @ Fred, sounds like someones a little miffed and looking for answers to google slap! thanks for making this post - this whole thing about the recon request is driving me and others crazy. good to know the results have been as random as mine

Jim Lux

10/15/2008 04:16 pm

This information is very educational and of specific interest to anyone actively working SEO, I don’t know why Fred wasted his time being so negative maybe he needs to get a life, thanks for the post!

David Eaves

10/16/2008 03:51 pm

In my experience they get looked at within a couple of weeks, and if you have fixed everything and if they think you have learned your lesson it gets fixed there and then.


10/16/2008 09:14 pm

Those are scary results. So far i haven't had such a problem, and i hope I'll never have

No Name

10/17/2008 05:38 pm

Fred is wasting my time with his post. Oh, btw, a very helpful stat... I had mine recon within a week.

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