Poll Results: Google AdSense Publishers Discuss 2008 Earnings

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Poll ResultsIn late September, we ran a poll asking AdSense publishers if they are earning more or less than the previous year. The results are now in and honestly, don't tell us much.

Most said they earn more but just about the same number of respondents said they are earning less.

Here is the break down: :: Earning More said 49 respondents or 42% :: Earning Less said 43 respondents or 37% :: About the Same said 19 respondents or 16% :: Other answer said 5 respondents or 4%

So the results are pretty much all over the place.

Tamar covered the question on if the economic downturn is hurting publishers or not. We have added a new poll to that thread, so please participate!

Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.

This post was pre-written and scheduled for publication on October 14th.

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Marc Phillips

10/14/2008 08:55 pm

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10/30/2008 07:33 pm

This is quite interesting. I just received a note from Google explaining that they are trying their best during this time of "uncertainty". I'm hoping that things start to recover in 2009. Personally my earnings have stayed about the same.

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