Are Directories Still Worth Your SEO Budget?

Oct 13, 2008 • 10:28 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

We all know about Google's latest change to the webmaster guidelines, where they removed directories as a good source of links. Having seen that, SEOs and webmasters ask themselves, if seeking links from directories is worth it anymore.

A WebmasterWorld thread has a large discussion around the topic. Old time memeber, pageoneresults, said:

Personally? I feel it is a waste of your time to do something like this. 750 directories? Did you see that Google recently removed the suggestion of submitting to directories from their guidelines? Ya, that is how much they despise these things now. There are probably a million directories. 99.5% of them were built solely for this purpose that we are discussing and are typically of little to no value. It is the same thing as submitting to 100,000 search engines. Probably the same group of people too. ;)

But I still personally believe that some directories have value. Can I name which ones they are? Not really because I don't think it is Yahoo or ODP or so on. I think it depends on the section you are in and the quality of that section. Of course, I believe Yahoo is top-notch in the directory space, but the value is way down from what it was years ago, in my opinion.

In any event, this is going to be a hot topic for the next few months. Join the discussion.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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10/13/2008 09:23 pm

Great topic, especially since the removal of the directory recommendation in the Google webmaster guidelines. We have used directory submissions as a core link building method at my firm for some time but recently we've noticed the quality of those links dropping.


10/14/2008 07:02 am

A single on topic page with a link on it on a large site has to have less value than a entire site related to the topic with a single link. Regarding this topical directory will still hold value and make "human" sense.

Jeff Demers

10/14/2008 06:27 pm

Topical directories will always make sense as they are firmly part of the niche they are operating in - provided, of course - the directory is trusted and actually indexed by Google.

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