Google Showing Content Attributes on Search Results

Oct 10, 2008 • 8:10 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

The other day, we reported again that Google Testing Dates on Search Snippets. But it is much more than just dates. Google is now showing additional attributes from the content on the page. For example:

Google Info on Results

Notice how the above result shows post numbers, author numbers, and the last post date. Clearly, in this case, Google thinks this blog post is a forum post or maybe not, maybe Google classifies the "comments" in the blog post as a threaded type of discussion.

They also pull out author names, for example in a case of searching for minotti, the last result looks like this (hat tip):

Google Info on Results

Will this stick? I am not sure - my gut tells me no, Google won't keep these in most cases. Maybe specific queries will return these details, but I just don't feel that Google will keep these additional attributes on the search results pages. At least not in this fashion.

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No Name

10/10/2008 04:21 pm

I'm hoping these attributes do stick. I think they'll make the listing more useful and relevant to users.


10/11/2008 10:42 am

NO! Please do not keep my personal information. Thank you. Here's another request: How to get rid of those green stars that appear by the side of each entry in google's results? Thank you. Adela


10/11/2008 01:49 pm

@Adela The green stars are because your using AVG anti virus link checker.. Disable it and your not see them again..

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