Google Rolls Back Last Toolbar PageRank Update?

Oct 7, 2008 • 7:49 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

A week or so ago, there was a Google toolbar PageRank update. I am now seeing several reports at DigitalPoint Forums and updates to a WebmasterWorld thread that Google seems to be rolling back that toolbar PageRank update.

Honestly, I am not convinced yet. It can be that some data centers have not yet updated and maybe those data centers are showing older toolbar PageRank scores. Or maybe not.

Why am I so skeptical? Simply because Google knows that toolbar PageRank (what we see) is almost meaningless. Why would they go through the effort of updating PageRank and then revert it back? It just doesn't make much sense to me.

Should you care? No. Spend your time on your site, content and rankings.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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10/07/2008 12:01 pm

So, I get back my 1 PR point? :)


10/07/2008 02:20 pm

Actually, i panicked and thought this too. When i was at work, my site was a PR4. at home, a PR3. so, WTF? problem was, some of the datacenters took like a week+ to update. They were all updated as of yesterday, hence the illusion of a 'rollback'.

Jim Gaudet

10/07/2008 03:13 pm

I have noticed some weird things with that. First in Costa Rica I lost my PR3 to a 0 (what it was before the update) but in Massachusetts it was still there. Then, the next day in MA it was gone. Two days without PR and then it returned, of course first in Costa Rica. Now it is gone again. I don't understand.. I doubt that the toolbar is being updated that frequently.


10/07/2008 05:26 pm

Seriously, everyone needs to stop obsessing about PR. There's more to a website than PR, and the chances are that 99.95% of your website visitors can care less about the PR of your site.

No Name

10/08/2008 05:28 am

In my part i can say that this is not a good move from G. Bcoz this kind of things will reduce their reputation in the search engine marketing. Instead of rolling back they might have implemented to all the data centers. Also as already said the PR is not going to play a major part here. All this happens because there is no other equal competitor for G to compete in this field.


10/10/2008 04:01 pm

"Should you care? No. Spend your time on your site, content and rankings." Thanks for showing some sense. I have started going mental on forums with people obsessing over PR. :)


11/03/2008 02:47 am

I tend to believe that they did a rollback. Not sure if it was a partial or full, but all of my backlinks I acquired reverted back to what I had before the update. It is back to business getting more traffic and posting good content. While there is a small value to pagerank, I tend to not count on it and it is almost at the bottom of my list.

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