Introducing Microsoft SearchPerks: Get Paid to Search ... Again

Oct 2, 2008 • 10:42 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Bing Search

First, we had Microsoft Cash Back where Microsoft paid you to search the web with Now, we have Search Perks where Microsoft pays you to search the web with ... well, almost.

The difference between Search Perks and Cash Back are minimal, but the idea behind the new creation is that you get points for every search. Those accumulate and then you can win prizes.

You're limited to IE6 or higher to participate, so Firefox users are not eligible. That's because SearchPerks has a built in toolbar.

It's questionable, though, if this is a good business plan for Microsoft. To me, it sounds like something that can be easily exploited. One forum member says the following to echo that sentiment:

If people are doing pointless searches and meanwhile clicking on ads to max out their "tickets", I can't see it being a good deal for anyone in the long run.

Many people agree and think that Microsoft should stop while they're ahead. But until then, happy searching!

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Michael Martinez

10/02/2008 08:37 pm

When you look at traffic estimates from Alexa, Compete, and Quantcast (none of which may be for real), Google appears to be losing traffic and Microsoft has become the second-most visited search engine. I agree that training users to search for reward is not a good long-term strategy, but so far Microsoft has shown it can build a huge Web audience (95 million estimated visitors to and in August) for search. Time will tell if they have built a sticky audience.

Dale Leanhardt

10/03/2008 03:21 pm

Rewards, coupons, tickets etc. seems like you can always find people willing to spend hours of their time to save. My hat comes off to these people for "gaming" the system to save their hard earned money. For me, I will buy my cook book for $19.99 rather than spend hours or days to accumulate 3400 tickets.


10/03/2008 03:45 pm

Considering the current situation of MS and their search engine market share, i guess it is a good idea to keep such a feature. I am not sure how much money they are offering, but there are so many people out there who are gaining there life on internet. Why should they get some extra money for the search they made? At the same time, MS search gets some traffic. If you ask me, what ever they pay, i don't think that i am gonna switch to MS!!!


06/17/2009 06:29 pm

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