Is Google's Matt Cutts Telling the Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth?

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I found a fun thread at DigitalPoint Forums with a poll that asks, "Do you believe EVERYTHING Matt Cutts says/writes?" Currently the poll is weighing on the NO side, of the answer.

The question is valid. Matt is an extremely nice and caring guy. Anyone who knows him, will vouch for that. But at the same time, he and his crew are in a position that is extremely sensitive. He has to speak and write in a very diplomatic fashion. Some people find that type of communication, well - a bit dishonest. But is it really? Can you blame Matt or anyone in his position for having to hold back pieces of information or to not give you or I the harsh truth, each and every time?

So does Matt always tell the 100% truth in every case? Technically, I would think he does. But does it always contain all the details, is he holding back? I would think so and I would hope so.

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Jim Gaudet

10/02/2008 03:02 pm

Look, Matt does his best I think. From what I have seen he answers most questions and doesn't leave them open. Does Google not tell us everything? Yes, in fact they tell us virtually nothing. But, Matt is like our insider who gives us more than Google will (with their consent I am sure). ~ jim

Nick Wilsdon

10/04/2008 09:44 am

Yep, I don't think Matt, Adam, Brian or John lie to webmasters. They walk a careful line between informing webmasters and giving away information that can be used against the search engines. You do need to read between the lines sometimes but their engagement with us is appreciated.

No Name

10/04/2008 03:45 pm

Matt has provided many invaluable insights and tips on Google, there is only so much that can be expected from someone in his position, personally I think Matt goes over and beyond with his community participation and it must be realised that his loyalty must be to Google also....

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