How Long Did Your Google Reinclusion Process Take?

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Most SEO companies out there have been involved in submitting and waiting on at least one reinclusion or reconsideration request with Google. Not to say that you had a client that was penalized by Google but maybe you had a new client that switch to you after being penalized and you had to 'clean up the mess.'

How long did it take you to get reincluded after submitting the reconsideration request with Google? If you submitted several of these requests and each took a different amount of time, do let us know. Here is a poll that I hope fills most possible answers. Please round to the nearest number and select all that apply:

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09/26/2008 09:06 am

I would be intrested in knowing how long the people who voted for "More Than Three Months 25%" had to wait!? It wass around 3-4 months for me for a couple of sites. Not a pleasant experiance at all.

Ruben Zevallos Jr.

09/29/2008 11:21 am

I still do not know what happend, but after 3 times that I was penalized and I asked for reconsideration, most took about 4 weeks for something happend... and the most interesting was the time when I saw some changes... every time was about the 23th day of each month, to be more especific, was from saturday to sunday before the last week of the month.

No Name

09/30/2008 03:23 pm

Thing is, you often can't tell whether need reinclusion, nor whether they grant something, unless you get completely de-indexed. In my case, goog searches dropped about 50% over a few days but was still indexed. SO I submitted, and about 2 weeks later searches rebounded. They never reply to the request, so you have to guess whether goog responded or it was a natural recovery.

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