.TV & . ME TLDs Can Be GeoTargeted In Google Webmaster Tools

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Typically, TLDs (top level domains) that end with country specific IDs cannot be geo-targeted in Google Webmaster Tools. For example, if you own domain.co.il, you typically cannot set the Geographic target of that domain to England or the US. But there are some exceptions.

A Google Groups thread documents, at least, two exceptions to the rule. A .TV and .ME domain can be geotargeted using Google Webmaster Tools.

Here is a screen capture of a .com domain, cause I don't have a verified .TV or .ME domain to show you:

Google Set Geographic Target

Do know that most ccTLDs (country level TLDs) do not allow you to set your geographic target.

Google's JohnMu explained:

You can set a geographic target for .tv domains (this is one of the few exceptions that we make regarding country-code top-level-domains). Also, keep in mind that sometimes local domain names can be popular globally just as well as generic top-level-domains.

I do wonder what the full list of ccTLDs are on that exception list?

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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10/29/2008 09:57 am

I have .me domain, but I cant GEO Target it. Also I have .tv, its can be GEO targiting

Chuck Reynolds

06/01/2009 06:48 am

Currently .ME domains canNOT be geo targeted in google webmasters... This is an issue...


08/27/2009 11:42 pm

Apparently geo-targeting is now possible for .ME extension <a href="http://www.namemon.com/component/content/article/43-search-engines/64-google-permits-geo-target-of-me-domains" rel="nofollow">Google allows Geographic Region for .ME</a>

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