Survey Says: United Airlines (UAL) Stock Price Drop Blamed On

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Tribune vs Google on UAL PollAbout a week ago, we asked Who's To Blame? Google or Tribune for United Airlines Stock Drop. We unfairly only gave really two options, Google or the Tribune. When I posted the poll, many (16%) responded with the "other" option, citing either the brokers are to blame and reporters are to blame for not doing proper research. True, there are many to blame for this.

But let me share with you the full results: :: Google is to blame said 33 respondents or 34% :: Both is to blame said 29 respondents or 30% :: Tribune is to blame said 20 respondents or 20% :: Someone else is to blame said 16 respondents or 16%

We know the SEC is looking to pin this on someone. The question is whom? Clearly, our poll shows that there is a lot of uncertainty on who is to blame for this.

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09/19/2008 09:53 am

Interesting, what is the total number of votes?

No Name

07/27/2009 10:12 pm

I think it's "United Breaks Guitars" (google it)! Seriously, they are out of touch with their "one-time" customer base which they have alienated. Does GM ring a bell? I don't ever intend to fly them and have banned all my associates from doing so as well! This has been our policy since they had their "strike" several years back. They are arrogant, indifferent, and sometimes RUDE. Go figure? No wonder that they are in trouble.

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