96% of Search Marketers Have "Googled" Themselves

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Do You Google Yourself ResultsAbout a week ago, we polled you on if you Google yourself. And we received just about a hundred responses from the Search Marketing community. The results were what I expected. Only 4% said that they never have "Googled" themselves, while 96% said they do or have.

Here is the break down: :: On Occasion said 61 respondents or 37% :: Often said 58 respondents or 35% :: Rarely said 32 respondents or 20% :: Never said 7 respondents or 4% :: Rarely said 6 respondents or 6%

The "Other" comments were basically, yes, they do, but they use Google Alerts. I would classify those as "Often."

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09/16/2008 03:01 pm

4% is lying :-)

No Name

09/16/2008 03:11 pm

I really like this graph - but must agree that 4% is lying :)


09/16/2008 03:50 pm

It's really really important to Google yourself. You need to know if there's anything bad about you online and also what the good things people are saying about you are. Companies should do the same. Afterall, this is in the public domain and if you're not aware some things may harm you.

Bill Sebald

09/17/2008 08:52 pm

Awesome. IMO, Googling oneself is a great way to get a feel for a piece of the algorithms, provided you have your name out there.

Rob Abdul

08/03/2009 10:43 pm

My name “Rob Abdul” for the last 3 years has been my brand name. Google has 3,360,000 results for my name Rob Abdul. I was so proud when my name appeared in Google suggest. It may not sound like much but at least 60 to 80 people Google me a month. It is nice for the Ego, I must admit!


11/27/2012 02:54 am

It would be an advantage for you if you googled your self so that your website can have good rankings in google. A perfect thing that is important on your business to become successful.

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