Google Germany Drops Adult Video Sites Like

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It appears Google Germany has removed many, if not all, adult video sites from their index. A Google Groups thread reported this, where an adult video site owner said his Adult Tube site was removed from and so were all his competitors.

Googler, JohnMu, explained that a site command for at least one of the sites, such as, returns a message from Google that it was removed due to local laws.

RedTube Removed from Google Germany

If you click over to it explains:

A URL that otherwise would have appeared in response to your search, was not displayed because that URL was reported as illegal by a German regulatory body.

The same with other sites, such this message, "German Court Order against display of and"

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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09/12/2008 01:56 pm

Redtube is not allowed under Germans laws.

amandeep singh

09/13/2008 06:39 pm

ok u can save it


09/13/2008 11:07 pm

stupid laws, honestly it's getting boring people thinking for others and telling them, commanding them, how to live their life.


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