Most SEOs Will Clean Their Site Versus Start a New Site After Being Penalized

Sep 5, 2008 • 8:09 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Penalty Poll ResultsA week ago, I asked what would you do if your site gets penalized. The options I gave were (A) Clean Up The Site & Request Reinclusion, (B) Quit the SEO Game and Play Golf or (C) Burn the Site & Start Fresh.

Most SEOs would go with the method of cleaning up their site and requesting a reconsideration request with Google. While only 9% will kill the site and start new.

Here is the break down: :: Clean Up The Site & Request Reinclusion said 61 respondents or 78% :: Quit the SEO Game and Play Golf said 9 respondents or 12% :: Burn the Site & Start Fresh Idea said 7 respondents or 9%

So there you go, go with the masses. Don't crash and burn, clean and sparkle!

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09/07/2008 09:02 am

Great post! Very interesting... Yes. Of course, rather than burn and start new one, clean up and request for reinclusion is the better way to make an ethical SEO campaign

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