44% of SEO/SEMs Say Google's Chrome Won't Win the Browser War

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Will Chrome Win?A few days ago, I asked you guys if you think Google Chrome will win the browser wars.

The responses were pretty much all over the place. We had a total of 162 responses, with 72 people saying no, 55 saying yes and 35 saying they have no idea.

Here is the break down: :: No said 72 respondents or 44% :: Yes said 55 respondents or 34% :: No Idea said 35 respondents or 22%

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09/05/2008 12:15 pm

Did not vote but am with the high % one. Don't think Chrome would easily go to hit the top of web browsers.


09/05/2008 02:02 pm

Personally, I think that Google Chrome will overtake Firefox by mid-2009 but won't overtake IE until it has it's own operating system ;) However - as Chrome will be the browser for Android, which could become quite popular, then it could be quite close..


09/06/2008 04:23 am

Most IE users don't even know or care that they could use another web browser because ie comes with the computer..

amit verma

09/08/2008 05:50 pm

Well, with some more updates, Google chrome can win this race...but I know, Firefox and IE are also great players.

No Name

09/16/2008 10:53 pm

there are so many advantages and features with Chrome, such as it's speed, for example; now if only they would take care it's flighty cookie management...

No Name

10/18/2008 07:43 am

Loving it so far, the only thing I miss over IE7 is the zoom button, I like to zoom in when watching flash movies or if I’m reading for long periods of time.

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