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Yesterday, we covered the launch of Google Chrome, its new web browser. Just a day later, we have already spotted a Google Group dedicated to Google Chrome Help issues with a few Google employees working to solve problems (Google Chrome Guide 1, Google Chrome Guide 2, Google Chrome Help Owner).

So far the group is pretty active. It's a great place to visit to get help on Google Chrome. That said, I get a ton of emails about me helping random webmasters about specific issues, and well, the best recommendation (and only one) is that you all should check out Google Groups. It really is a great asset.

Check out the discussions on Google Chrome Help for more information.

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06/16/2009 02:07 pm

Tried Google Chrome, I have Explorer 8. Took Chrome off again as I could not see any personal advantages. After this no hyperlinks worked and it cost me £45 to get somone to diagnose the problem and it took one hour to fix the problem in total.


06/28/2009 04:42 am

this browser is just a crap , some times taking tooooo much time to load gmail etc and most of the time i cant connected to websites , i get dns error , uh! im no longer goin to use this , back to firefox and ie


07/04/2009 12:43 am

I downloaded chrome today [7/3/09] and while it seems nice, there is no search box, there is no 'view' in the tabs and most importantly to me, my norton toolbar went away and I use that daily, I havent been able to find out how to get it on chrome either after hours of searching, for which I went back to firefox.

Ismail Mohammed

07/08/2009 02:10 pm

The best liked feature of Chrome to me is its capability to handle saved login IDs and passwords. Though many other browsers have it, they do not work often. But Chrome has not been able to properly load the saved IDs & Passwords for this site called, Please do the needful.


09/14/2009 04:37 am

I generally liked the speed and simplicity of Chrome but have gone back to Firefox. For me the killer was that you can't have the same bookmark on the bar at the top of the screen and in the Other Bookmarks folder at the same time. It looks like you went to some effort to make sure it worked that way. You may even consider it a feature. I consider it a BUG!

B.Arun Kashyap

09/25/2009 07:19 am

You dion't know how fast google chrome works !!You all just don't maintain your computers .


09/28/2009 08:37 am

Guys, bring back the start page's design! it was really amazing but now it is not so esthetic as before redesign: * The frame border (around page thumbnail) looks heavy * link bar on wide screens (like on my laptop 1680x1050) was more usable when it was on left. PS: * on my screen res there's some free space to pu t more page thumbs. It was really useful if I can somehow set the number of thumbs (for my res. it is about 12-17)


10/29/2009 09:12 am

Very nice browser. I would like to add 2 features at the moment: 1. Pannel of bookmarks available on a right click on the page or on the tab or something else but not put it as a third pannel. 2. When browsing local files beeing able to go through directories that have been visited like in Opera but not close children untill you will not change the other way of directory browsing. This feature is implemented in some linux file browsers and is very useful and allow quick access.


02/12/2010 09:14 am

When I install google chrome I look really good and fast. But now a days google is very much slow and even gmail is opening too slow when compare to IE browser.


02/24/2010 07:50 pm

while using google chrome with windows7 its create some problem.During browsing period the browser automatically closed or a debugging message appear.Is there any solution for it


03/11/2010 07:39 am

Please hide 'Open' command in the short cut of ''Google Chrome'' appeared on 'Desk Top' till the PC is connected to the INTERNET , to avoid remark 'Web page is not open'


03/11/2010 08:07 am

Please hide command 'Open' appeared in the shortcut of 'Google Chrome' on desk top till the PC is connected to INTERNET to avoid remarks 'Web Page is not available'


03/23/2010 05:41 am

There is some message after 'Gmil' account is 'log out 'The message is copy out below as.... We've detected a problem We're sorry. It seems there is a problem. Please try using Gmail with a supported browser. If you're encountering this error while using a supported browser, we suggest alerting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that a proxy is failing to accept cookies on HTTP redirects. Click here to return to Gmail. You'll need to sign in to your account again.


03/23/2010 05:59 am

There is a message after 'Log Out' of Gmail accout.message is copied below ;- We've detected a problem We're sorry. It seems there is a problem. Please try using Gmail with a supported browser. If you're encountering this error while using a supported browser, we suggest alerting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that a proxy is failing to accept cookies on HTTP redirects. Click here to return to Gmail. You'll need to sign in to your account again.


03/31/2010 02:57 am

Sadly, Google Chrome is the First Browser not supporting PowerPcs. Only for intel Macs. Anyway, I will keep my PowerBook so, Hello and GoodBye Chrome ! ! ! !


04/20/2010 06:22 pm

Dear Chrome Developers, PLEASE remove the "show saved passwords" option! Why is this feature needed at all??? Who thinks this is a good idea to allow SHOWING all the passwords in plain text?? At least in FireFox there's an option to guard this with a master password, although by default it is not guarded, so not good enough either. I consider Chrome unusable for me until this is fixed, although I really like this browser in any other way. It is faster than FF and better than Opera. It's a real shame about this feature.

Tom Jay

04/23/2010 12:50 am

My website does not work well on Chrome!!! Pictures are missing or distorted or wrong ones are opened. Some text boxes are missing. So far is concerned, the browser is a waste of time. Tom


04/26/2010 08:46 pm

I recently downloaded Chrome and I like it's performance. The one thing I don't like, is the bookmarks which automatically appear across the bookmark bar- and I can not hide the bookmark bar, because I need the "other bookmarks" button to get to all of my sites. There should be an option just to have the "other bookmarks" button, WITHOUT the annoying bookmark bar (whose bookmarks bear no resemblance to my browsing....marks are displayed for sites that I haven't visited in YEARS!!)


06/12/2010 05:56 am

google chrome is AMAZING! it FINALY has spell check! i luv it! but latly it hasent really been working. I tried to go to but all it said was there was an error no matter where i go. But over ALL I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcelo Duende

06/16/2010 09:54 pm

Chrome is good, but not perfect as some people said. Flash developers are facing some problems with handcursor in chrome, I hope in next version they fix it.

Kapil Sharma

06/21/2010 10:07 am

Hie, This is Kapil Sharma form India. there is one basic problem with chrome that if we try taking print through Chrome it does not give page to print option, it only shows print All pages. The other clicks are disable. While opening the same site on other browsers like Firefox and internet explorer it gives option to take print of which page. Y is dat so.


06/23/2010 10:02 pm

I just accidently deleted a bookmark folder on Chrome, but it's impossible to get it back.. :'( Now i lost my favorite folder with important websites just because i can't CMD-Z here :') Can anyone help me??


07/04/2010 05:51 am

Not that you folks'll pay attention, but please stop shoving your Chrome ad in my face. I've used Google as my homepage for 7 or 8 years ...maybe it's time for a change. I don't appreciate the intrusive, self serving ad every time I open Firefox. Yes Chrome's fast, but that is because it's stripped down and therefore limited. I've tried Chrome and found it wanting in many areas, especially the dirth of estensions and that expletive deleted required updater software (as a result I have removed all Google software from my computers. I will NOT be told when to update). So there it is, stop buggin' me or I'll go play in somebody else's sandbox.


07/06/2010 01:21 pm

Needs tweaking. But I like it. I still can't get torrents to stay associated with my client. The "saving" feature in Chrome needs work. I got PDF files to work with the "fix". The Ctrl+F (or find on page), needs to be on when you turn it on, even when you click to a new page. Status bar of links at bottom. Where is that option? I fumble through Chrome.

Andy R

11/08/2010 05:36 pm

Chrome seems to be good for speed - but its user interface is appalling. It's a triumph of minimalism over usibilitu. Getting rid of the file,edit, view menus seems to be fashionable these days - but why? It takes up very little space and gives you every command you could possibly want in a logically grouped manner. Chrome just has the single rather sparse menu from the spanner. Chrome also lacks the handy links you get in Firefox (history, bookmarks etx ) and it doesn't seem possible to customise the toolbar much - I had to search a fair bit just to get the home button on! Can't seem to view history or books as a sidebar like you can in Firefox - ithis was always very handy. Overall, it seems like they've ignored the best of the past and just tried to be different for the sake of it. It seems very dumbed down to a power user.

ammara riaz

12/15/2010 09:15 am

its very good and high speed.

Michael Starnes

12/16/2010 05:12 pm

I have been a chrome user for quite some time, and support the suite of chrome apps in my business. My question/feedback is ... I recently chose to try the shifting theme option for my iGoogle and GMAIL apps. Is there a way to "click through" the randomly choses theme? I am color blind and in the darker themes I cannot read anything or see any buttons, save the most contrasted text. HELP Michael Starnes


01/23/2011 01:43 pm

I like the fact that Google Chrome has most of the features Mozilla FireFox has like the WOT add-on and the speed dial feature and it browses fast than Mozilla FireFox... Now I would like to be able to download toolbars to the Google Chrome browser. Right now the toolbars are not supported by Google Chrome. Please update this suggestion soon. Thanks.


01/23/2011 04:13 pm

In regards to the speed dial add-on, there should be groups so you can set more pages as a speed dial. Right now as it stands, I only see 89 speed dial windows... and if it could be possible to import the speed dials form Mozilla FireFox. This would make the Google Chrome the best browser....++++++ (Thumbs up!)


02/07/2011 06:34 am

Many times Google Chrome is down loaded but it is the result that 'web page is not available ' with remark error code No.102 . In such problem I have to uninstall such down load . My key board 'shift' key is not working . Can I down load 2/3 editions of 'Google Chrome' exe. I do not want any reply individually but I EXPECT effective rectification in this problem of error No.102. India Monday 7.2.2011 ra·jah    ra·jah    


03/22/2011 01:05 pm

when ever i click on other files chrome remains on the screen, it happens that i need to minimize the browser to access my files it is really makes really a worst feeling doing that every time. is there any settings which i need to change. if so can you please let me know..

shri A.V.Barve

03/25/2011 07:33 pm

I find remarks about Google Chrome browser ''can't play in your browser, but can be downloaded''' when I open this web site'

F Edder

04/06/2011 01:50 pm

Shock Wave and other plug in's are crashing when I go to web pages that use it. I have to restart Chrome for the plug in to work. Most annoying. Howsumever, I won't go back to IE, or Firefox. Just get some one to make the plug in's work.


08/21/2011 06:24 am

I run the 64 bit version of Ubuntu Linux (10.04) so that all my RAM (8 GB) will be recognized and used. Adobe has released the second beta of its Flash Player.  I urge you to make it available ASAP as a built in feature of the Chrome browser. When I start Chrome I now get a message saying that my Flash Player is out of date (true!) and it sends me to an Adobe download web page. However, I just do not know how to download and properly install this software (despite a couple of days searching and experimenting).   Please therefore work with Adobe to put this 64 bit version of Flash Player into Chrome, despite the fact that it is still in beta-2. Thanks for your help. 


11/14/2011 03:43 pm

google chorme is like my i never want to lost it


12/01/2011 05:25 am

chrome eat memory.....when u open gmail in that chat . that time it eat memory.. and compare to IE it eat more memory....waste one.....


01/05/2012 02:19 pm

I think Chrome is fast. I would like to see a tool bar added to chrome.


01/05/2012 02:28 pm

I went to chrome because it allows you to browse in a site you have gone to unlike fire fox that just sits there and grinds away.


01/11/2012 05:51 am

I can't believe anyone would want to use this P.O.S.  After years of learning to use browsers, Google Chrome is just wierd.  Nothing intuitive about it.  Nothing familiar about it.  Why bother?  Hit Start, then go down  Programs/Google Chrome/Uninstal Google Chrome and get rid of it.  Even worse, Google Desktop?  Spyware, a true security breach if ever was.  Think I need to open up searches to include the Internet?  I search my computer for what I think might be there.  I search the Internet for stuff I need that isn't on my computer.  This is all part of the movement to put everything in the "Cloud" wherein there'll be nothing on your computer, no software, none of your docs or pics, it'll all be on a server somewhere and you'll PAY to access it just like you pay your cable bill.  Then, it's on to monopoly land where they'll just jack your rates whenever they want just like the cable company.


01/12/2012 12:51 pm

Please give me a solution. whenever i try to see my photos in my facebook account by using google chrome, it hang my laptop. even if i press ALT+CTRL+DELETE then it also in same condition. so plz give me solution for it.


01/29/2012 09:27 pm

I have written 5 FIVE times to Google about a problem and I d not get any replies. Can anyone else help?? Google does not seem to want to know. I run it on my iMac and get more and more annoyed when I click the x button and it closes Chrome. I really need a warning as I have several pages open and I don't want to lose these. I have ticked the preference 'Warn before quitting' but it takes absolutely no notice. Is there some setting that I can unset to make this work??


07/12/2013 04:32 pm

Try Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Shift+Esc for the task managers?

Ritwik Sain

05/12/2014 01:10 pm

Dear sir/madam, My chrome version is 34.0.1847.131 and my operating system is windows 7. I use dap But I am unable to download any file with dap in chrome. I EASILY DOWNLOAD ANY FILE WITH DAP IN MOZILLA FIREFOX AND INTERNET EXPLORER. But I use chrome and it's my default browser. So I want to download any file with dap in chrome. whenever I download any file it automatically downloads in google chrome downloads. Circumstanced thus, please do something so that I can download any file with dap in chrome browser.

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