Searchers 'Google' at Yahoo & 'Yahoo' at Google

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Go to Yahoo Search and use their search suggestions. All I want you to do is enter in "G" into the search box and obtain the search suggestions.

google on Yahoo

Yea, Google comes up as a suggestion. This is really a common thing. People go to search engines to find other search engines. In fact, I have seen several clients go to and type in "google" to get back to I am not joking.

The search suggestions typically try to show you the most common searches for your partial search phrase. It is not surprising to me that Google is a popular search at Yahoo. In fact, try typing in "Y" into Google, you will see Google puts YouTube first, but in fact, Yahoo is search more often, according to the numbers:

yahoo on Google

Again, not surprising.

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Chris Whatley

09/03/2008 03:43 pm

Just goes to show how many stupid people there are out there in the world. Maybe this should highlight to us the aspect of usability of a website - doesn't matter if they can find you, can the then do what you want them to do, buy something etc.....???

Jaan Kanellis

09/04/2008 02:28 am

How about the full address people in the search box? Search: so bad.


09/05/2008 02:25 pm

Yahoo is searched for more often according to what numbers? Surely the results number there is for the amount of relevant pages returned as opposed to the amount of times searched for. Quick trends/insight check sees that Youtube is searched for more.

No Name

12/05/2008 05:39 pm

I do IT work on the side for computer illiterate friends and you wouldn't believe what they did to their computers and how they try to fix em. I could imagine why people search other search engines because they heard it somewhere.

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