Should I Continue Working with an Ignorant SEO Client?

Sep 1, 2008 • 9:34 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

A High Rankings Forum member has run into a bit of a rut with one of his clients who was "'brainwashed" by an SEO that editing the meta tags (and repeating keywords) would result in great rankings. The original SEO wants to get his client back, but doesn't know how to best approach this. Is it even worth the hassle?

While this is posed to the High Rankings Forum for member advice, the general consensus is that "only you can make this decision." In other words, it may not be worth the hassle to keep this particular client.

Jill Whalen makes this argument as well:

Clients don't tell you what to do. You tell them what you're going to do.

Otherwise, they don't need to be a client. If they already know what they want, then let them do it. They obviously don't need you since they already know everything.

Would you stay with a client who refuses to acknowledge reason and considers spammy (short term success, if at all) tactics?

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Lex G

09/01/2008 02:52 pm

I regularly run into clients who are stuck on the META TAG syndrome. Thy sometimes even think to know better what to do then myself. It's tricky talking to clients because they don't know what they are talking about. I would not spend too much time on 'convincing' them but rather would be direct. TIP: I've told clients to do what they want and come back to me after they see it won't work. However if they do so, they should take into account that repairing the damage will take more time and will cost them more money. In the end it's their choice and when the word cost come into the picture, that's when they start thinking... Lex G -

John Deck

09/01/2008 04:46 pm

I have been doing business/sales/marketing consulting off & on for over 15 years. Clients can get hung up on the darnedest things, especially when they read it from some authority. One client wanted to send newsletters out every 3 weeks because some former internet executive had said that was optimal. I am sure we all have encountered this often enough. All you can do is pick your battles, and if the client becomes too much, well then they have to go. John

Rob Abdul

09/02/2008 09:58 am

Spamming Meta tags will not produce results, short or long term and also that is black-hat terrain; venture at your own peril. Being a SEO expert/specialist, the Clients you SEO are your victory flags to wave at your prospective new Clients and demonstrate we know a thing or two about SEO. I refuse to work with Client’s that will not listen to reason and to proven tried-and-tested techniques. Every Client that I SEO experiences success. I do not want a Client to ruin that. Some things are more important than money, reputation and passion for the job for example. Clients, they soon return with their tails between their legs so to speak.

Ben McKay

09/02/2008 12:10 pm

Two years freelancing and I can feel his pain! It's a tough one to crack as it depends on the need for business, opportunities for the site, etc...but I would take a case studies approach - talking about previous experience and also those sites that are ranking in the first few positions, explaining why... Rather than talking concepts, a better approach seems to be to talk about their competitors I feel - something they can understand and relate to. A full competitor analysis is called for, I think!

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