Search Engine Penalties Are Scary, Says Most SEOs

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You Afraid of Search PenaltiesTamar wrote a piece named Do Search Penalties Worry You? I had her add a poll asking SEOs if they are scared of search engine penalties.

The 98 responses are back and it is about split. 56% are afraid of search penalties while 44% are not afraid of search penalties. Personally, I would be afraid of a penalty, even if I was to be hit by collateral damage. I am surprised that more SEOs are not afraid.

Here is the break down: :: Yes said 55 respondents or 56% :: No said 43 respondents or 44%

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Joe S

08/30/2008 01:50 am

It is very very scary if the guy sitting in google center in Hydrabad India arbitrarily decides the page rank looking at how best he likes web design....... Bye bye page rank welcome "google hand rank"......

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